Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paul Steel - Demos and B-Sides

Can't wait for the new one by Paul Steel. His 2008 masterpiece "Moon Rock" was my favorite album of that year. What a terrific album start to finish! "Moon Rock" pushes all of the buttons; Beach Boys harmonies, pop punk energy of bands like Supergrass, Blur and the Wannadies, wonderful cheesey 60's hooks like the Wondermints. All wrapped together with killer production (Paul produces it all himself) What a talent! So here we are again, waiting for three years for the next release by a major Power Pop talent. The good news is that Paul has been great about dribbling out his demos and B-sides. (Obviously a very active writer and producer). It's no surprise that these one-offs are of the highest quality. I put this compilation together and can't stop listening to it. If it was out officially, It would be on my top ten list for sure. When's the official release Paul?

  1. Ray Gun (B-side of "In a Comma" single)

  2. Admit Defeat, Don't Delete (Demo)

  3. Tall People Can't Be Trusted (From the "15 Second Songs" series)

  4. You Can't Fool Me, Ginger Man (From the "15 Second Songs" series)

  5. Holy Moly, Telesthesia (Demo)

  6. Fairweather Friend (B-side to "Your Loss" EP)

  7. Fashion Police (Demo)

  8. Ocean ("Beach Boys-like" single featuring poetry by Stephen J Kalinich)

  9. When I Kissed Her I Felt Sick (Demo)

  10. My Sister Found a Grain of Rice (From the "15 Second Songs" series)

  11. Can't Talk Now (From the "15 Second Songs" series)

  12. Your Loss Shawn Lee Remix (B-side to "Your Loss" single)

  13. Psychedelia Smith (Unreleased session track about Delia Smith)

  14. Making Sense of Christmas (From "We Love Yule" Christmas Compilation)

  15. Ghost That Burned Your House Down (From as-yet unreleased "The Cold Crow's Dead" project with X-Cert's singer Murray Macleod)

  16. Surf's Up (Live acoustic version of Beach Boys classic)