Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rain Parade and Matt Piucci

Loved "3 x 4" new the Paisley Underground compilation by Yep Roc that came out on record store day last year.   It was great to hear some new Rain Parade material, even if the tunes were covers.   Wondering what a full Rain Parade album would sound like today, I created a compilation of the Rain Parade tracks from "3 x 4" and added my favorite Matt Piucci tunes from his post Rain Parade bands, The Hellenes, Boatclub and FIR.   Almost satisfied my need for a new Rain Parade album....

1 The Hellenes - Beautiful Flower
2 Rain Parade - Real World
3 Boatclub - Peace and Quiet
4 Rain Parade - When You Smile
5 The Hellenes - So Depressed
6 Rain Parade - As Real As Real
7 Boatclub - She's Giving Me a Flower
8 FIR - Winter Doesn't Care
9 Matt Piucci - Down to the Wire
10 Boatclub - Never Let You Down
11 The Hellenes - Water

Monday, April 30, 2018

New One By Peter Bruntnell

There have been a number of well promoted Power Pop albums already out this year.  But the new album from blog favorite Peter Bruntnell came out very quietly, with limited distribution and little fanfare.   It is true that Peter can always be counted on to enlighten the ears with his subtle brand of folk and pop. 

This year's effort is a largely acoustic live record entitled "Live in Firth".   It includes sparse re-imagined versions of recent Bruntell classics from his last four or five albums.   Really wonderful and well worth your time to pick up.   I've been collecting some tunes from appearances by Peter on radio and video promotion shows.   It leans in some similar directions and includes some tunes not included on Peter's great official effort.   Consider this a taster for the uninitiated and an odds and ends collection for Bruntnell completists - like me.   

Thanks Peter for all of the consistently fine music.

1 False Start
2 End of The World
3 Long Way From Home
4 The London Clay
5 Another Day
6 Clothes of Winter
7 Dissapointer
8 Black Mountain UFO
9 Sea of Japan
10 Black Window
11 Played Out
12 Here Come The Swells

Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Album from Chris Price

I'm loving "Dalmatian" the new album from Chris Price.   Along with "Cabin Life" the new one by Linus of Hollywood, this album shows that 2018 is off to a good start in Power Pop.   "Dalmatian" is an odds and sods collection of tracks leftover from Chris's phenomenal sophomore effort "Stop Talking".   That fine album made number 4 on my top 25 list of last year and though it was a more coherent effort, Dalmatian is arguably more fun.  There is a heavy dose of Motown influenced uptempo pop numbers along some well crafted chamber pop tunes.   At current. I can't get the tune "Rollercoaster" out of my head.  The most catchy ear-worm of the year so far...

Through his work with Taylor Locke and Rooney and producing "Rainbow Ends" the 2016 comeback album by pop legend Emitt Rhodes, Chris has quickly entered the upper reaches of working Power Pop artists.   All three of his CDs are stellar and deserve your support.    As a completest, I've pulled together a set of single tracks and band collaborations that complement these great albums.   Tunes include a couple of tracks from Chris's early band Price and a few tracks from his 2016 band Bebopalula (I've been waiting for a full album's worth of tunes from that group for a couple of years now).  Can't wait to hear what Chris has in store for us....

1 All Fall Down - Bebopalula demo track
2 Please Read Me - B-side of Emitt Rhodes Bee Gees tribute single
3 Perfect Portrait - Bebopalula demo track
4 Melody Fair - Bebopalula track from Bee Gees tribute
5 Wesley - Bebopalula B-side
6 Bethany - from out-of-print Bethany EP
7 Soft Life of the Typics - Bebopalula demo track
8 Lady Lemonade - Bebopalula demo track
9 Hey Nancy Drew - Price track
10 Take Me Back - vocal guest appearance on Toxic Melons single
11 Don't You Want Me - Human League cover from 1980s compilation
12 Can't Argue With Love - from out-of-print Bethany EP
13 Honeymoon - from out-of-print Bethany EP
14 Birds - from out-of-print Bethany EP
15 I Don't Want a Thing This Christmas - Price track (mono version)

(By the way if anyone has better fidelity versions of these tracks, please contact me in a posting and let me know the best way to get in touch with you.  Thanks!)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Top 25 Power Pop Releases of 2017

In 2017, it seemed that Power Pop albums were released in fits and starts throughout the year.  Still, after I reflect back on this list, there were quite a lot of great efforts.

1. Pugwash - Silverlake
The latest masterpiece from Thomas Walsh is actually more of duet effort with Jason Falkner than a full band record..    As such, it benefits from somewhat amped up sound and leaner more aggressive playing.   Simply the most consistent and talented Power Pop singer recording today...

2. Bill DeMain - Transatlantic Romance
The first full length release from Swan Dive co-leader Bill DeMain is chock-full of sixties pop references to seminal artists like Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman. An unexpected delight of an album.

3. The Nines - Colour Radio (American Transistor)
Steve Eggers releases a lot of music and though all of it is worth listening, some releases hang together more than others.   This years's album did it for me.  Lots of nice studio experimentation.   Some sounds like McCartney, others like Stevie Wonder and always great songs.   The first tune a passable send up of "Do Ya" by the Move.

4. Chris Price - Stop Talking
LA based pop singer Chris Price keeps some pretty ratified company.   He's played with Taylor Locke and produced the comeback release from Emit Rhodes.  His first album was a pop masterpiece recorded entirely on an iPhone.  This years sophomore release is a beautiful, somewhat more serious affair.   Some really gorgeous songs here.

5. Sitcom Neighbor - Shag
The third release by rocker John Murphy is the best rocker on this year's list.  This album rocks from start to finish with hooks galore.

6. Mothboxer - The Secret Art of Saying Nothing
The latest Mothboxer starts in a heavier prog mode than prior efforts.   However by the back half of the album, leader Dave Ody is back to his tricks planting ear worms deep into your consciousness.  This one is worth listening all the way through.

7. Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos - The Last Polaroid
The new one by former Ice Cream Hands singer Charles Jenkins is a return to Power Pop form.  Its the most brightest, most rockin' release for a number of years from the talented Mr. Jenkins.

8. Corin Ashley - Broken Biscuit
There is a dramatic story behind the new release from Corin Ashley.  He suffered a stroke while recording it and had to teach himself to play again.  This effort is the result his journey back.   Its a fine pop release on its own merits. A true return to form for Corn.

9. Cliff Hillis - Many Happy Returns
I'm on record as a big fan of Cliff Hillis.   This year was a repeat of last year.   Another "almost LP" that I surrounded with demos and outtakes Cliff released throughout the year.   Some great tunes here as usual.

10. Derrick Anderson - A World Of My Own
The solo record by Derrick Anderson, the singer of "The Andersons" is solid Power Pop hit.  Some tunes evoke The Wondermints.  Others rock like the Smithereens.   Not a note out of place on this one.

11. Plasticsoul - Therapy
I've written about this one a couple of months ago.   Songwriter Steven Wilson produces out a strong song cycle of John Lennon influenced rock.   In the Cotton Mather mode but Plastcisoul puts out the better album this year.

12. Jesse Terry – Stargazer
MOR Americana crooner Jess Terry surprises with an immaculately produced album that contains several exemplary Power Pop tracks among the well produced Americana.    This one has Jeff Lynne influenced strings.  Terry's voice is almost too perfect, evokes Kyle Vincent for me.   Worth checking out.

13. Ruby Free - Shades
The latest effort by Power Pop stalwart Rick Hromadka is a solid album and may be the best things he's produced to date.  Not a weak tune on it.

14. Cotton Mather - Wild Kingdom
The second collection of tunes that Robert Harrison recorded as part of his 64 tune Songs for the I Ching series is an uneven lot.   Not nearly as consistent as the first group "The Death of the Cool".   Still, Robert proves he is ever the pop genius.  Some wonderful tracks in here.

15. Blinker The Star - 8 Of Hearts
Prog Rocker Jordon Zadorozny takes a slight step towards electronica with his latest but in so doing simplifies his song writing.   This ends up being the most poppy Blinker The Star effort in a several years.

16. Aimee Mann - Mental Illness
Though Aimee Mann's latest effort doesn't blaze many new trails, it's her first solo album in 5 years.  Always enjoy Aimee's output.

17. The Wellingtons - End of the Summer
The best "summer" pop music comes from down under.  The Wellingtons know how to crank out the hooks and this one doesn't disappoint.  Some of the year's best singles came from this one.

18. Captain Wilberforce - Black Sky Thinking
Actually this one is the final version of an album that Captain Wilberforce leader Simon Bristoll has been releasing over the last couple years.   This version boasts some new tracks and a new order.   Really nice effort throughout.

19. Richard X. Heyman - Incognito
A new album by Richard X. Heyman is always cause for celebration.  Heyman has released another incite-full set of earnest pub rock.

20. The Lunar Laugh - Mama's Boy
This is the second group album from co-writers Jared Lekites, Connor Anderson and Campbell Youngm.   This one is a slightly more folky affair.   Lekites pop chops shine throughout the album.

21. Eric Matthews - Too Much World
This album was actually recorded back in 2008 but finally sees the light of day this year.   Its a fine chamber pop effort from Matthews.   Nobody really sounds like Matthews and I'm a big fan.

22. Rob Martinez - Today My Mind...Tomorrow the World
I enjoyed the sophomore effort by Rob Martinez.   More than anything in my list this year, this one recalls the golden days of Not Lame records.

23. Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato
Boston based indie rocker produces his third solo release and like the others it has Guided By Voices low fi vibe.   But this one leans towards sweet pop hooks as the collection of short tracks progresses.   Very nice.

24. Fernando Perdomo - The Golden Hour
I do think that this is Florida based multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo's most consistent effort.  It serves up polished hooks with terrific production throughout.   I wonder what it would sound like for Perdomo to join forces on with a crooner like Kyle Vincent or Jesse Terry?

25. Shake Some Action - Crash Through Or Crash
Always a reminder of how Power Pop can rock.   Shake Some Action shows us how its done.  Album after album.   Great band.   Another nice album.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Return of Colin Moulding

As the year winds down, there have been two notable Power Pop releases in tradition of XTC; one I expected and the other a surprise.   I've been anticipating "Silverlake" the new album by Pugwash with help by Jason Falkner.   Its a stunner and a strong candidate for best Power Pop release of the year. More on that later.... 

I was not expecting new material by XTC co-leader Colin Moulding.   "Great Aspirations" is the new EP by TC&I, the duo project of Colin Moulding and Ex-XTC drummer Terry Chambers.  Its the first new material from Moulding in many years.and even though there are only four tracks, its great to hear Colin back performing.  Some fine tracks with trademark XTC hooks on this EP.   I've collected several additional tracks where Colin has contributed vocals to other artist's projects in recent years to help round out my listening.  Really glad to hear new material from Colin and hope to hear more soon...

Great Expectations EP
1 Scatter Me
2 Greatness
3 Kenny
4 Comrades of Pop

Other Recent Colin Appearances
5 Brain Damage
6 The Man Who Died Two Times
7 It's Raining Again
8 Check Point Karma
9 Are We To Believe
10 Take The Money and Run
11 Down a Peg (Demo)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Cliff Hillis - Many Happy Returns Companion

Cliff Hillis has provided a soundtrack to my summer for years - and though its well into fall I'm still listening Cliff's EP from this summer "Many Happy Return".   As usual, great tunes and terrific playing throughout.   The only disappointing thing is the relatively brevity of Cliff's offerings.  Still, Cliff continues to release tantalizing demos on SoundCloud and many of them are very fine indeed. I've included another collection of these demos as an accompaniment to the Many Happy Returns EP.  Enjoy these and support Cliff.

Many Happy Returns EP
1 Time An Evangelist
2 Many Happy Returns
3 Superfluous
4 With All the World
5 Hey Pretty Face
6 Never in a Million Years

Many Happy Returns Companion
7 Wake
8 Writing's On the Wall
9 Brilliant Mistake
10 These Days
11 Rachel Maddow
12 Listen To Your Mother
13 Instrumental #43
14 Caution (Rock Opus Mix)
15 Last Train to Nowhere
16 Pretty Little Cemetery

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Great New Plasticsoul Album

One of my favorite albums of the summer has been Therapy by Plasticsoul. Leader and songwriter Steven Wilson has truly produced a strong suite of tunes that channel that mid-period Beatles vibe ala Cotton Mather.   The songs are strong and Wilson snarls and spits his way through them with a serious jangle.  Strongly recommend this fine album.  It will certainly make its way on to my top 25 albums of the year list.

Wilson has been busy posting ideas and demos through the years as he culls his best stuff for the album.  Though the official release certainly contains his strongest material, a number of the cast-offs are very good indeed.   I've collected a number of the unreleased tracks here.   Pick up the the official album and enjoys these demo tracks.

1 No Ordinary Life
2 Build My Invention
3 Caliber Karma
4 Nothing to Write Home About
5 Suicide (The Degradation of Miley)
6 The Good Life
7 Laughing Boy
8 California Blues
9 Cats
10 World Without Ideas
11 Skylarks and Other Birds
12 On A Sunday