Saturday, October 1, 2016

Grant-Lee Phillips - Sunday's Best

Grant-Lee Phillips is a long time favorite of mine and though much of his output could be characterized as Americana, there are strong pop elements throughout his large catalog. His latest effort "The Narrows" is a solid  rocking album.  It alternates between strong roots rockers and Grant's trademark world-weary crooning ballads.

Today's post is a collection of rare non-album compilation, B-side and bonus tracks that emphasize Grant's pop sound. All of these rarities are from Grant's post Grant Lee Buffalo period.  (I'm currently looking for at least two tracks that know of  "The Goodnight Horse" and "Hold Me".   If anyone has these or any other Grant rarities, I'd appreciate letting me know).

Enjoy these great tracks.

1 Hugo's Theme - bonus track from "Mobilize"
2 Sunday's Best - bonus track from "Mobilize"
3 Smile - from "Gilmore Girls" soundtrack
4 Itchin' - from "Arctic Tales" soundtrack
5 Buckaroo - B-side of "Spring Released"
6 Sarah - from "Witchblade" soundtrack
7 Me and This City - compilation track from "The I-10 Chronicles"
8 Ashes to Ashes - Bowie cover with the Section String Quartet
9 Song of the North - from "Arctic Tales" soundtrack
10 Mother of Exiles - download single
11 Hit Parade - single
12 Here Comes The Sun - Beatles cover from compilation
13 Ballad of Catain - unreleased track from "Witchblade"
14 Winterglow - single
15 Snow Flakes - bonus track from "Ladie's Love Oracle"
16 We Three Kings - unreleased Christmas track

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Peter Holsapple - Back Blogging!

Thanks to Rob over at The dB's Repercussion blog for spreading the news that Peter Holsapple one of the two creative forces behind the dB's is back and blogging again.  In Peter's blog, he reports that he is recording for a new effort and I couldn't be happier.    As recently as a year ago it sounded like Peter had hung up his song writing pen, so that he is back in the studio is excellent news.   Long standing readers of Pop Fair know that Holsapple is one of my absolutely favorite singer songwriters, however its been a waiting game being his fan. There had been no new tracks from Peter since his days with the Continental Drifters until 2009 when Peter and Chris Stamey released the excellent duet record  "Here and Now".   This was followed in 2012 by "Falling Off the Sky" by the reformed dB's, a wonderful return to form for the legendary band.  Since that time only the odds and ends of tracks left off of the "Falling Off the Sky" were released and then...nothing.

So Peter might be "back" and writing again and that's great....but if past performance is a predictor, it may take a while until we get to hear new material.   To hold me over, I've been listening to my second compilation of Holsapple material "released" on the Radio Free Song Club blog.   That blog has gone dormant recently but for a while was releasing monthly compilations of alternative folk performances recorded live in studios around NYC.  Peter would regularly send in songs he recorded in his home in North Carolina.   in 2011, he briefly released a CD of the first batch of those songs.  That release appears to be out of print at present  I've been waiting, but I've seen no evidence of a second CD.   Until Peter releases a CD of this stuff, please enjoy the second batch of Holsapple tracks culled from the Radio Free Song Club.   Some great Holsapple material here served up with a very DIY aesthetic.  Can't wait for new material from Peter.

1 Goodness Gracious
2 All Hail
3 The Devil You Know
4 Real Tears
5 Cinderella Style
6 Game Day
7 Happy The Drunk
8 Morning Train
9 Didn't You Used to Be
10 Bluesy Mama
11 The Donkey Song
12 Don't Ever Leave

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Milk and Honey Band

Summer brings to mind a number of great bands that helped defined those times and Brighton's excellent "The Milk and Honey Band" is such a band for me.   Lead by singer songwriter Robert White, the band put out 4 albums starting with 1994's Round the Sun.   Most of the band's output comes out after 2000 with 2001's Boy From the Moon,  2004's The Secret Life Of The Milk And Honey Band, 2009's Dog Eared Moonlight, 2010's In Colour.  The band has a sound that straddles a solid center line between Crowded House and XTC with occasional Beach Boys influences popping through.  Interesting that thier last last two albums were released on Andy Partiridge's Ape record label

I'd love to hear more by this fine band however they haven't put out any new material since 2010. There have been a couple of tunes released solo by Robert White (included here). I also included an acoustic live set to round out this compilation.  I am still looking for the tracks that were briefly released in 2006 on "Crumbs Parts 1 and 2" the digital download compilation if anyone has those tracks. For those who don't know The Milk and Honey band, you are in for a treat.

1 Flowers - acoustic live
2 Disappear - acoustic live
3 No World At All - acoustic live
4 Maryfaith Autumn - acoustic live
5 Just You - acoustic live
6 Cut The Line - acoustic live
7 Lilly White's Party - Robert White solo
8 Everything is Free - Robert White solo

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tam Johnstone - The General Store

This month's post is dedicated to another classic album from a rarely heard artist - Tam Johnstone, the son of Elton John guitar player Davey Johnstone. Tam released his first album "Local Honey" under the moniker "The General Store" on Not Lame records in 2002 and to my ears it was an instant classic. The album contained a concentrated blast of Big Star/Badfinger ballads with beautiful playing and production.   In an alternate universe, this release would have rocketed him to instant stardom, but alas, things don't work out that way.

In 2008, he released another fine General Store album and began work as a videographer.   In 2011, he took on a concentrated video project called the "Song Explosion" releasing a new song and video every week for that year.  He culled an albums worth of material from that project to create "Fantastic Animals" his first solo record.   Though a fine record in its own right (and well worth picking up), a number of fine songs from the Song Explosion remain un-issued to this day.   I've collected my favorite in the compilation below.   It's fine listening.  I defy anyone to produce a better or more clever song than the second track "Complicated Girl".   One great song among many.

Since 2011, Tam has issued a newer collection of old timey torch songs but he has turned his energies to video production.   He is producing a documentary on the early days of Elton John. He is a real talent and I hope we haven't heard the last of Tam as song writer.

1 Somewhere Down the Highway
2 Complicated Girl
3 Back To You
4 Miss World
5 Beautiful Day
6 Alien Abroad
7 Homeward Bound
8 Polygraph
9 The Creeper
10 She's Not The One
11 Wake Up
12 Any Other
13 When The Sun Goes Down
14 Everything is Awesome
15 Unicorn Lady
16 Sway
17 The Reunion
18 Sgt. Factory
19 Paralyzed
20 You're So Beautiful

Monday, May 30, 2016

Rediscovering Erik Voeks

This month's post celebrates the quiet career of pop rocker Erik Voeks.   Though not that well known, Erik has put out a sparse catalog of top quality Power Pop over his 15 year career.  Erik grew up in Australia, moved to the states where spent time in St. Louis. He has been living for years in Kansas City.  His earlier 1990's output as tangentially associated with the Champagne, Illinois power pop movement  - since Adam Schmitt and friends played on his album "Sandbox".   That album is a classic with crystal clear production and great songs throughout. Keith Klingensmith's Futureman label has done a great service by rereleasing that album in digital form.  If you have don't have this classic, you owe it to yoursef to download a copy now.    

Over the last three years, Erik has been relatively active, releasing a series of singles and EPs through Bandcamp. I recommend heading over there and supporting Erik by downloading those tracks.  You won't be disappointing.  Uniformly excellent work there.   I recently completed a compilation of those recent tracks and I'm convinced that if these were issued as an album, they would easily end up on my best of list.

To drum up interest in Erik, I'm posting a set of hard to find singles and demo tracks from early in Eric's career.   There is absolutely some great material here.   Give these tracks a listen and please let me know if you have any additional rare Erik tracks (I know that I am missing the double sided single, "Desire Me and Die" and "Or What?" as an example).   I would appreciate the chance to complete my odds and ends collection.

1 Grey Rain Town
2 I'll Be The One
3 Up Periscope
4 Reasons
5 Throw Me Out A Line
6 When Will It All End
7 Cruel Tide
8 Queen of Cans and Jars (Guided By Voices Cover)
9 Christmas Singles
10 Pristeen
11 Girl
12 Descending From a Daydream (Live)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cliff Hillis - Love Not War Companion

Cliff Hillis's latest EP "Love Not War" is on the top of my playlist at the moment.  As always Cliff deliver's with terrific well constructed tunes that get wedged into your consciousness.  The 7 songs that comprise "Love Not War" fly by and I was always wanting more.  

Just as I did for his last EP  I've pulled together some additional demos that Cliff posted on his two Soundcloud accounts in a compilation that complements his official EP.   Buy the EP and add these additional 7 tracks and you have something that more approximates a proper "album".   Enjoy and don't forget to support one of the US's best Power Pop recording artist.

Love Not War EP
1 Love Not War
2 The Buddha's Belly
3 Don't Drown the Wind
4 A Boy Downtown
5 Suicide Doors
6 Mayor of Midnight
7 Too Many Songs

Love Not War Companion
8 Fresh As Tomorrow
9 Truth Be Told
10 Cindy is Serious
11 Fourth Stone From the Sun
12 David Crosby
13 Grosser than Gross
14 Seven Seas

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Owsley - Changes (Repost)

During the nine years, I've been writing this blog, I've never reposted something that I previously posted.  Today I'm going to make an exception and repost a rarities collection I put together of demos and non album tracks by Will Owsley in 2010.   I've been requested to do this far more than any other item that I've posted here and there is probably good reason - because of the scarcity of material from this essential Power Pop artist.  

During his short career Owsley produced two classic albums, 1999's self titled debut and 2004's "The Hard Way"  His prior band "The Semantics" produced one hard to find debut album which also ranks as a must have for Power Pop fans. Will Owsley's career was cut short when he took his own life in 2010.   The tracks I've collected here include a pair of songs issued as a single in addition to a series of demo tracks that have leaked out over the years.   

For those who downloaded the original version of this compilation, I've made several changes.  I removed Owsley's great version of "Band on the Run" which was actually a hidden bonus track at the end of the second album "The Hard Way".   In it's place I've included 4 additional tracks that Will recorded as demos late in his life.  Below, you'll find the latest track listing.   Will, we miss you.

1 Fountain of Youth - Demo with Ethos Music
2 Psycho - A-side of single released in 2005
3 Changes - EP Track from Christian Band "Blue Sky Secret", co-written with vocals by Owsley
4 Endlessly - Demo
5 Far From Me - Demo with Ethos Music
6 Mess With Me - Japanese bonus track from self titled first album
7 Leave It All Behind - Demo for Amy Grant
8 Upside Down - B-side of single released in 2005
9 Take Me To The Place - Demo with Ethos Music
10 When Lonely Comes Around - Demo by Owsley and Vince Gill
11 Feel No Pain - Demo
12 Got a Lot On My Head - From "Substitution Mass Confusion" Cars tribute