Friday, November 23, 2007

Big News - New Mike Viola

Around here Mike Viola is a kind of hero. The man manages to combine Elvis Costello with a gorgeous sense of pop melody. If there were any kind of justice, the man would be a superstar. As it is, the release of a new Mike Viola or Candy Butchers (his band name) CD is a cause for celebration.

Mike's got a new one coming out in the next couple of months called "Lurch". He is streaming 5 of the 13 tracks from that release on his website. They are absolutly terrific. I think even better than his last two releases (which I also loved).

Head on over to Mike's site and sample the gem's he's got in store for us. You can preorder that release from him as well.

I particularly like "Strawberry Blonde" and "So Much Better". Amazing pop!

Thank you Mike!


Anonymous said...


Got Mike's new CD and it's fantastic. I agree Strawberry Blonde and So Much Better are two of the standout tracks. The whole album is a winner.

By the way, love your blog...keep it up!


side3 said...

I just came across your blog...keep up the good work! I could not agree more about "Lurch". It is fantastic! Mike has posted a note on his website about shring the CD...maybe you should send him a note and ask to post it? The worst that could happen is that he would say 'no'!

"The Strawberry Blonde" may be one of my all-time favorite tunes...I cannot get enough of it!

Dave said...

Hey, looks like Mike's site is down (bandwith issues). Does anyone have a link (rapidshare or otherwise) to download Mike's new album?