Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ken Stringfellow's Saltine

Since their first CD, I've been a Posies fan and somewhat of a completist. Today, I've posted a long out-of-print side-project by Ken Stringfellow called Saltine.

Saltine issued a single CD in 2000 during a period when the Posies had "broken up". The writing is strong, however the production is certainly of its time. In addition to Ken, Saltine included Braden Blake of Super Deluxe, a band that was very much influenced by the Posies.

Saltine only officially released the six song EP included here . I've also included a live broadcast concert from the same era. The recording and songs are quite good.

Enjoy and as always let me know if I am missing anything.


Anonymous said...

thank you

arob71 said...

I bought this disc after buying his Ken's fantasic solo debut. He appears either as "The Saltines" or "The Solteens" on a Badfinger tribute disc. I got it from a blog, so I've never seen the actual disc. Here the AMG review:
If you'd like the track, or the whole disc, I can rip it and send you a link.

Anonymous said...


Saltine ~ Reveal Love [2000]

1. Reveal Love
2. Any Sign At All
3. I Owe You
4. Find Yourself Alone
5. Your Love Won't Be Denied
6. Bad Deeds

Radio Show:

7. Intro
8. Sparrow
9. Cyclone Graves
10. Find Yourself Alone
11. Any Sign At All
12. Spanish Waltz
13. Bad Deeds
14. One Morning
15. Your Love Won't Be Denied
16. Here's To The Future
17. Reveal Love
18. Down Like Me
19. Don't Break The Silence

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful, beautiful human being for making this available!!!!

WOW! I never thought i'd ever get to hear this all again!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Except one thing, the Blake song "Durian" is cut off and it goes straight to reveal love, no!!! I really like that song, I had a cassette tape recording of this show ages ago and was happy to find this but if anyone knows where I can find that missing cut...

Rushbo... said...

This is waaayy late, but I've got the missing Saltine tune. It's on my blog as part of the original broadcast, but if you just want that one tune, leave me a message and I'll send you a link.

This is a great blog - and thanks for all the tasty Posies stuff!


Haper said...

Woa. Finally!! Thanks for finally filling in the missing track. I really appreciate it. Love your blog. Keep it up. We're all following the great stuff you're doing.