Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Millard Powers

This post is by request. It's the long out-of-print complete album by the co-leader of the Semantics, Millard Powers. I finally found the original way back in cold storage.

Initially issued as a virtual album on the original incantation of, this album shows how critical Powers was to the sound of the Semantics - in addition to Will Owsley who we all know turned into a two hit Power Pop comet phenom. Both had classic (and somewhat similar) Power Pop voices

I've posted most of this before , intermixed with some of the demos for the Semantics album . Here is the complete posting with the original mp3s in the original order in all of their glory. This version includes Millard's solo redo of the Semantics classic "Jenny Won't Play Fair".

...and Happy New Year!


KingSizeMong said...

Another cool album every power pop lover should know.

I did find a 320kbps version a while back -

That was posted way back in April 07 but the link is still alive!

Don't know if its a re-encoding or a rip from CD.

Thanks for posting and starting the new year off in style :)

Kouzie said...

Easily in my Top 10 of all time.

Willard said...

Many thanks, as always, for your fine work (and for this one).

Anonymous said...

I know this guy