Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jim Boggia - Acoustic Radio Show

Here's a great acoustic radio show from Jim Boggia. Most of the material is from his latest release "Misadventures In Stereo". However there is one new track and one from his all star project 4 Way Street. I continue to maintain that Boggia is one of the great Power Pop artists playing today.

Enjoy this beautifully recorded session. Great stuff.

By the way, the demise of the Snowcap music download service really impacts the availability of Jim Boggia's rare track back catalog. He had posted many of his rare demos on Snowcap and since its end the only way to get them is at his concerts.


Dave said...

Stumbled on your blog and am currently listening to Jim Boggia. Really good stuff.

Saw an old post about Owsley. Checked his website but it is no longer active. Wondering if you had any info. Thanks-


Anonymous said...

Hey, i'm quite a fan of Owsley too. He's actually a friend of mine. He moved from Nashville to L.A. mid last year to get more session work. He's been working pretty constantly, so the chances of him doing any more solo stuff are very slim, at least not any time soon. Last December he played a few shows in his hometown in Alabama, but lately that's been it. He took the website down cause, well, he just wasn't getting the site traffic someone would hope for, so it wasn't worth it. Not saying he's done with solo stuff, but don't get your hopes up, but keep your fingers crossed... mine are!!

Capt. Willard said...

Thanks for this. I first stumbled onto JB because of one of those obscure rarities you speak of... "The Harry Nilsson Song," which we posted over at For The Love Of Harry. Cheers.

JOn said...

Owsley is great! Hopefully he'll keep recording new stuff, even if it's the odd one or two songs he puts up on iTunes as he did with Psycho and When Lonely Comes Around. With all the session work, you'd think someone might take him out as an opening solo act to give him exposure....

Jon from RI