Saturday, June 25, 2011

Until the New dB's...World To Cry the new dB's album is supposed to come out some time this summer and I'm psyched. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey are two of my favorite songwriters. I loved 2009's Stamey Holsapple record and also enjoyed the live shows from that group. I was recently excited to find out that Peter Holsapple just released a compilation of tracks he did for the song-a-month Podcast series "Radio Free Song Club". Holsapple fans and completists should rush out and support Peter and purchase it. I did and it has some precious moments.

However, I'm still craving that complete dB's experience, so I put together a CD of some tracks that have dribbled out during the last few years. A couple of these come from the dB's web site. Two are ripped from a limited edition vinyl 45 that came out on this year's Record Store Day. The two tracks from that 45, "Picture Book" and "Write Back" are probably extracted from the new album release expected this summer. A couple of other tracks were harvested from Peter's posting on "Measure for Measure" a series on the New York Times website on songwriting. I'd recommend reading Peter's posts if you haven't got there yet. Finally I've included a couple of tracks from Peter's Myspace page. These are some pretty rough versions. If anyone has better copies of these (or any other dB's rarities) please let me know.

Enjoy this taster. Looking forward to the real album. Hope we don't have to wait another five years

  1. World to Cry - 2005 track from dB's web site - what a great song!

  2. Write Back - Will Rigby track from 2011 Record Store Day
    Collectors 45 vinyl

  3. Diggin’ In - From Peter Holsapple Myspace site

  4. Picture Sleeve - Chris Stamey track from 2011 Record Store Day Collectors 45 vinyl

  5. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - Cover of Jimmy Ruffin Track from 2005 benefit for New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund after Hurricane Katrina

  6. Hollywood Waltz - Outtake from Stamey Holsapple Mavericks released on 2008 reissue.

  7. Jennie Goes to High School - From Peter Holsapple Myspace site

  8. All Talk (Demo) - Demo from Peter's 2008 "Measure for Measure" New York Time series

  9. Rain Around Here - Outtake from Sound of Music released on dB's web site

  10. Meet Me in the Middle (Demo) – Outtake from Peter's "Out of My Way" album

  11. Lay it On the Line - Track from Radio Free Song Club not issued on Peter's recent CD

  12. Molly Says (Demo) - Demo for Sound of Music Track

  13. All Talk - from Peter's 2008 "Measure for Measure" New York Times series


Shriner said...

This was great, thanks!

"Meet Me In the Middle" skips around, though. Is that expected?

Haper said...

Glad you liked it. Yeah, "Meet Me in the Middle" does skip around quite a bit. It's the way I got the seems like a number of the dB's oddities are like that... Oh well. I'll take anything I can find from them.

Kouzie said...

Cool post- thanks!

I was just listening to my dB's Record Store Day 7" just this morning...

fantom said...

Haper, thanks much for this and the detailed annotations. Had poor recordings of some of the older Holsapple demos, but yours were in much better shape (most excited about the single though). There's a great new Holsapple track on the latest Radio Free Song Club. I'll get you some other rarities together in the next couple days. I see before I promised a '78 db's performance and instead later sent '88!

Haper said...

Great to hear from you Fantom and looking forward to the rarities you've got. I'm up-to-date with the new Holsapple tracks from the Radio Free Song Club. Pretty addicted to that fine effort. Really great stuff. I'm a big Dave Schramm fan (have been since the first Yo La Tango album) and have also been excited by his tracks on the Song Club.

Haper said...

Fantom, Thanks much for the tracks. Got them fine. Some great stuff. If you have a blog, I'd love to point to it. If not, what do you think about a guest post about these tracks here?

fantom said...

Hi Haper, no blog alas, but happy to take up your invite this time (should have last time too) and will write up something tomorrow Should I just leave as a comment?

Haper said...

Fantum. Yep. Just paste your post in the comments. I'll take it from there.

Anonymous said...


I got 2 of the dBs files but
have been unable to successfully download the dBs World to Cry.
Any chance of reposting?

Great blog, thanks for the awesome shares!

Peace, Tom Tom Brown

Robinbrevard said...

Here's the link -- I just checked, and it worked fine for me:

Good luck!