Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pugwash - Thank You All

Happy Halloween. In this last day of October, we have our annual treat from Blog favorite, Pugwash. For the uninitiated, Pugwash is the current standard bearer for Beatles influenced pop recording today. There output is consistently brilliant. Great songs, cleaver melodies and hooks abound.

Band leader Thomas Walsh has been busy this year and it shows. There is a new EP on the way with several newly recorded tracks. He’s also been generous sharing his rare tracks through YouTube postings. This compilation represents 2012’s Pugwash collector output. As usual, there are treasures galore collected here. Acoustic covers recorded late in the morning, Rare vocal mixes of official releases along with a suite of tracks backed by the Section String Quartet.

Listen carefully to these tracks and hear one of today’s Power Pop geniuses at work and as usual please let me know if I’m missing any other rare tracks.

1 Landsdowne Valley - Unreleased Demo
2 Apples - Early Mix
3 Us and Them - Pinkfloyd Cover with Section String Quartet
4 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - Cover of Jimmy Ruffin hit
5 Here - Instrumental String Mix
6 If I Needed Someone- Live Beatles Cover
7 Brennan's Bread - Short Commercial Jingle
8 Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie Cover with Section String Quartet
9 Happy Again - Recent U.K. Bonus Track
10 Tinsel and Marzipan - Acapella mix of Christmas Single
11 On With the Show - Alternate Mix of B-side
12 Four Days - Acoustic Version
13 You're Like Manchester - Alternate Mix of John Shuttleworth Cover
14 Walter Reed - Acoustic Cover of Michael Penn Song
15 Portrait of Louise - Acoustic Cover of Bee Gees Song
16 Emily Regardless - Vocal Wulitzer Mix
17 Chinatown - Acoustic Cover of Move Song
18 Elisa - Acoustic Cover of Bee Gees Song
19 To The Warmth of You - Alternate Mix
20 Waltz - Live Cover of Gerry Rafferty Song
21 Dear Belinda - Live Acoustic Version
22 This Could Be Good - Live on RTE 2006
23 This Boy - Acapella Beatles Cover
24 Thank You All - Acoustic Track of Thomas Thanking Birthday Well Wishers


Oxy said...

Month after month, it's a great post every single time! If no one else does, let me say thank you! You're consistently bringing great and very hard to find music to the masses with very nice write-ups. What a treat! This, by far, is my favorite blog, as I suspect, it is for many others.

Haper said...

Thanks for the kind words. it means a lot to hear that some are enjoying the blog. I do this for four reasons:

First and foremost - We need to drum up support for our favorite artists. Very few of them are making lots of money from producing the music we love. More interest means more support for the artists we love.

Second - I'm a packrat. The Internet has created lots of paths to aquiring rare tracks from favorite artists. I'm always trying to collect these rare tracks. I'm going to collect them anyway.

Third - Want to share. Its a good feeling to help complete a fellow Power Pop fan's collection.

Fourth - Am genuine in asking for help to find stuff I've missed. I've only to X time to spare on this, and I could use help to discover rare Power Pop tracks I've missed - so keep those suggestions coming.

Shriner said...

This was great. Thanks much!

tomatodon said...

Very much appreciated. Pugwash is a great band and very difficult to find their albums anywhere.

Patrick Bellina said...

What do i need to do to download the great music. What I have is not working. I am using a Mac. Thanks.


McPop said...

Hey does anyone have the new Pugwash "Here we go round again" EP? I'm bummed that it was only released on vinyl? I'm more of a CD and mp3 guy. Does anyone know how one can purchase a digital download of the EP tracks?