Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cliff Hillis - Demos and Tribute Tracks

As we get close to compiling this years best Power Pop releases, I've been looking backwards to last years best list and was horrified to find that I forgot to feature one of my favorite albums of 2012 Cliff Hillis's "Dream Good".  What a great album -  from start to finish. Should have easily been in my top ten.  

Cliff Hillis is an under-appreciated anchor of the Power Pop world.   Along with co-leader Dennis Schocket, Hillis was a key singer and songwriter for the Baltimore based Starbelly, who put out two classic releases. He was also a sideman in the latest John Faye power pop project "Ike"  Each of his three solo albums have been great throughout.   Whenever I start listening to his 2008 effort, "The Long Now" It stays in the play list for months. Its that good!

As usual, to show my support, I've put together a compilation of b-side, demos and tribute tracks from Cliff.  Great stuff all.  Support this great artist,  He truly deserves it.   A top tier Power Pop talent.

1 Welcome to You (Bluegrass Style)
2 Down in the Basement (Outtake)
3 Dizzy (From Bubblegum Tribute: Right to Chews)
4 Can't Feel My Soul (From Teenage Fanclub Tribute: What a Concept)
5 This One (From McCartney Tribute: Coming Up)
6 I Saw The Light (From In the Pocket Project featuring Cliff)
7 Shake It (From Monsters of Light Rock Tribute)
8 Elevator (Instrumental Version)
9 Woah Yeah (Demo)
10 Start Again (Demo)
11 On a Day Like Christmas (From Its About Christmas Compilation)
12 What's Your Name (Demo)
13 Theme From Breezeway (Demo)
14 Consequence (Cassette Demo)
15 I Want My Baby Back Ribs (Ad)
16 Ice Cream (Ad)
17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
18 IDEAL Jingle (Ad)
19 Grounded (Live at Bopptopia)


Shriner said...

What? No "Honey Badger Christmas"? ;-)

Haper said...

Yeah. I missed that one. Do you have it? Hope all is well Shriner.

Theabs06 said...

Thanks a bunch for this, love Cliff's music.

Oxy said...

Haper - - Here's another thanks for the Cliff Hillis and another big one for all the great posts throughout the year. Just curious... Will we be seeing a Christmas post? I'll keep looking, but either way, it's been a great year for me via this blog. So many great (and hard to find) tunes.

In case you don't post by the year's end, may your holidays be safe, happy and joyous ones.


Rob-in-Brevard said...

Thanks for these, Haper. I didn't know about Cliff, and was obviously missing out!

Keep up the good work...

Guypinot said...

A just came to this site a couple days ago cuz I'm on a Cliff Hillis spree. I downloaded it, and found that there's a skip near the end of "Start Again". Any chance at this late date that it could be fixed?