Sunday, March 27, 2016

Owsley - Changes (Repost)

During the nine years, I've been writing this blog, I've never reposted something that I previously posted.  Today I'm going to make an exception and repost a rarities collection I put together of demos and non album tracks by Will Owsley in 2010.   I've been requested to do this far more than any other item that I've posted here and there is probably good reason - because of the scarcity of material from this essential Power Pop artist.  

During his short career Owsley produced two classic albums, 1999's self titled debut and 2004's "The Hard Way"  His prior band "The Semantics" produced one hard to find debut album which also ranks as a must have for Power Pop fans. Will Owsley's career was cut short when he took his own life in 2010.   The tracks I've collected here include a pair of songs issued as a single in addition to a series of demo tracks that have leaked out over the years.   

For those who downloaded the original version of this compilation, I've made several changes.  I removed Owsley's great version of "Band on the Run" which was actually a hidden bonus track at the end of the second album "The Hard Way".   In it's place I've included 4 additional tracks that Will recorded as demos late in his life.  Below, you'll find the latest track listing.   Will, we miss you.

1 Fountain of Youth - Demo with Ethos Music
2 Psycho - A-side of single released in 2005
3 Changes - EP Track from Christian Band "Blue Sky Secret", co-written with vocals by Owsley
4 Endlessly - Demo
5 Far From Me - Demo with Ethos Music
6 Mess With Me - Japanese bonus track from self titled first album
7 Leave It All Behind - Demo for Amy Grant
8 Upside Down - B-side of single released in 2005
9 Take Me To The Place - Demo with Ethos Music
10 When Lonely Comes Around - Demo by Owsley and Vince Gill
11 Feel No Pain - Demo
12 Got a Lot On My Head - From "Substitution Mass Confusion" Cars tribute


Andy Leschnik said...

This compilation is well worth reposting! I wish there would be proper third record of all the songs Will Owsley left us (and I listened to at least three more GOOD songs from him which are still unreleased and unavailable anywhere).

Kirk Waldrop said...

"Band On the Run" was first released as the lead track on the 2001 McCartney tribute Listen To What the Man Said (Tribute/ Oglio), and then issued as a hidden bonus track on his second solo album.

Brad Geiger said...

I grew up not far from Will's hometown. Wish I could have known him and told him what a great artist he was while he was still around.

Stash said...

Thanx much. This is how I found you to start with.
Got any Millard?

Shriner said...

Finally got around to listening to the 5 songs that are new to this version. And they were awesome. It's a damn shame he's no longer around...

Houndog said...

Thanks for this update of Changes 2. Any new Owlsley recordings are greatly appreciated.

Andy Leschnik said...

Some weeks ago I started a project to get a third Owsley record out. There are many songs in the vault. And there is surely interest from some labels, the family and many fans. Please spread the word and let's do this :-)

StlScrib said...

Thank you so much for providing this compilation. I still remember the first time I heard "Oh No the Radio" and how much enjoyment his first album brought me. I also remember hearing the devastating news that he had taken his own life. He deserved so much more acclaim. Listening to this compilation is very bittersweet.