Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did I Miss the Latest "Bleu"?

So most readers of this blog know the formerly Boston (now LA) resident Bleu. The guy has a killer voice and a knack for writing great pop hooks. If you don't have his ELO tribute projet L.E.O. Buy it now. You won't be dissapointed. Sublime stuff. featuring guest appearances by Andy Sturmer, Mike Viola and more. Here is a link to download the track You Had Me Goin from his website.

Purchase the entire L.E.O. album download
from iTunes.

Bleu recenly released a new EP called Happy Birthday. It's made up of what seems to be personal Happy Birthday messages. Sounds like a weird idea for an EP, however its Bleu and the tracks are great. Purchase Happy EP on iTunes

During 2005, while still in Boston, he recorded a number of tracks and released them over time on his Myspace page. He just released them in high quality versions as as "the Blizzard of '05". These are a bit more serious but still fine tunes. Blizzard of '05 on iTunes . I almost missed these. Glad I didn't!

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