Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you know Jim Boggia?

One of best singer songwriter working today is Jim Boggia. He's completed two stellar albums. Both are pop classics and are essential listening:

Fidelity is the Enemy


Safe in Sound

If you haven't heard this stuff you should. Boggia's got a great gravelly voice and a killer instinct for the pop hook. Check out his podcast page for some great unreleased demos and radio shows:

Some of my favorite tunes from Boggia's podast page are:

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Talk about the Weather


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Anonymous said...

Jim is SICK brilliant. I broke down and saw him live in NYC a year ago (why did i ever resist previously?) - and was blown away. Then I went back and checked out the albums. Which are very good, but just not as good as they could be given what he's able to pull off just bein' weird & loose in a live setting. Definately someone to root for & check out when he comes through town. If you like soulful powerpop - he belongs in your life.