Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jason Falkner - Live Acoustic

I'm very glad that Jason Falkner is putting out something new...even its part two of his Bedtime with the Beatles series. His first volume of instrumental lullabies was filled with clever "Jason" takes on classic Beatles tunes. Lots of fun.

However, what I most appreciate about Jason Falkner are the excellent songs he writes. I'm posting a fine sounding solo acoustic concert from years ago below. These stripped down solo performances help bring out the power of his song writing. I'm enjoying listening to these classics all over again.

Jason Falkner - Solo Acoustic


King Size Mong said...

Another nice share. I prefer the full versions but as you said, stripped down like this it shows the quality of his writing, and playing, and singing.

Very talented guy.

Blacker said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for your generous act of utter awesomeness! I just saw Jason live last night, and I'm still blissed out.

Phil Andrews said...

Hey there, I just published a phone interview I did with Jason late last month. We cover news about a new album, his latest (Bedtime with the Beatles 2) and lots of songwriting info about his marvelous album "I'm OK... You're OK." Check it out at the Palo Alto Pop Overthrow.

-Phil Andrews
Palo Alto Pop Overthrow

Mike said...

Thanks for the JF posts - much appreciated. I don't suppose you have 'Everyone says it's on'...? I would buy it - if I had £125/$250!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks!