Monday, June 30, 2008

Blinker the Star - Collected B-Sides and Demos

In 1999 Canadian muli-instrumentalist Jordon Zadorozny released "August Everywhere". It was a departure from the two earlier efforts with his band Blinker the Star. Those earlier albums had fine moments but were a bit unfocused, sounding like many indie-bands of the time influenced by Nirvana. August Everywhere was more synthesizer based and contained a series of Beatles influenced tunes mixed in a britpop influenced manner. There is not a bad track on the album. Very much worth picking up.

It took four more years for the next Blinker the Star to release their next album. 2003's "Still in Rome" was a mixed bag. In many ways it returned to the harder edge sound of the two earlier albums. There were great moments though. The pop tune "Got to Go Through It" is great, as is the bitter but catchy "Don't Believe It".

Since 2003, Zadorozny has released a tantalizing trickle of songs on the three MySpace pages he controls in addition to his now deleted Blinker The Star homepage. Each of these songs is a nicely produced PowerPop epic. Many as good as the pop contained on "August Everywhere". I've collected all of these songs in one place. They include b-sides from 'August Anywhere" as well as demos and singles from more recent sessions. Also included are three songs by "Abbey", Jordon Zadorozny's new band with fellow Canadian singer Sofia Silva. Silva has a voice that complements these songs and they integrate well with the others that Jordon sings.

Listen to this Collection of Blinker the Star B-Sides and let me know what you think. Hopefully Jordan will eventually release his next epic. These tracks show he has it in him.

1993 Blinker the Star
1996 A Bourgeois Kitten
1999 August Everywhere
2003 Still in Rome


bk said...

good to hear he's still at it. i always thought that his discs were the story of someone fitting the mold but capable of much more. looking forward to hearing these pop gems.

Haper said...

Let me know what you think. I've been listening to this stuff again and really think its great.

Sars said...

Great stuff. Think I must have Deaf Angel Ears on a backup disc somewhere cause I'd heard it before. Rocks!

Anonymous said...

got to agree with you somewhat on the blinker back catologue, except in find the first two albums far to noisy for my tastes...the third album is really classy...sort of jason falkner meets late period XTC and then the last album is half great and half too damn rocky and shouty...
this collection you've put together is more like it and becomes my second favorite blionkers
mick dillingham

kustomboy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, what about the french version of "below the sliding doors"? Have you heard that? It came on that cool 3" cdsingle in a clear 5" CD.

Dig Me Out Podcast said...

Check out an interview with Blinker The Star's Jordon Zadorozny and a track-by-track album dissection of August Everywhere on Dig Me Out at, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost and forgotten rock of the 1990s.

Pete Porpoise said...

I know i'm extremely late to this but any chance of a re-up on this? Id love to hear these tracks!
Cheers :)