Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Can't Get Enough of..." The Wannadies

I miss the days when Sweden produced lots of bands concerned with putting "power" in their pop. The Wannadies are one of my favorite Swedish bands from that period. They produced 6 essential albums in 13 years.

Nothing has been heard from the Wannadies since 2003, so I put together a compilation of b-sides and rare tracks . I know that it's far from complete (the Wannadies were great about releasing b-sides and rare tracks).

If you have something I'm missing , please let me know. If you don't know this band, these b-sides should help you see what you've been missing.

1990 The Wannadies
1992 Aquanautic
1994 Be a Girl
1997 Bagsy Me
1998 SkellefteƄ (Best of)
1999 Yeah
2003 Before and After


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