Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mike Viola + Bleu + Ducky Carlisle are "The Major Labels"

This is a big deal. Mike Viola, Bleu and Ducky Carlisle have just released a killer summer album under the name of "The Major Labels". I've listened to this three times and it is absolutely great! To my ears, lots of 60's pop mixed together with Queen/ELO/Wings style vocal choruses. Think a cranked up sequel to Bleu's LEO project (a fabulous effort if you haven't heard it). Anyone who has any interest in the music talked about on this blog should own this.

Here is the kicker. You can pay what you want to download a digital version of this. Follow the link below. Listen before you buy. I guess they get the money... so support these guys. What are you waiting for? Get this. You will not be sorry.


ӃїӆҨЅїӡєӍѳӣҩ said...

paid the last $12 on my credit card for this the other evening. Great album!!

side3 said...

I went and bought this...MV is really on a roll. "Lurch" was great (I think it might be a 'desert island' disc for me now), and The Major Labels are almost as good!

monsterpop said...

absolutely fantastic!