Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers - Something Special

In honor of the upcoming release of the Mike Viola and Bleu's power pop project "The Major Labels", I'm posting some collected demos by Mike and the Candy Butchers. This compilation contains tunes from a number of sources including some songs posted on an older version of the Candy Butchers website.

Some of the best songs are at the beginning of this compilation and though they are great, however I've got to warn against trying to listen to them on headphones. Somebody (maybe Mike?) "released" this stuff a few years ago in a version sure to discourage bootlegging by all except the most devoted fan. The stereo channels are reversed on the first four tracks every couple of seconds or so. The effect is absolutely maddening over headphones - yet you really don't notice at all when listening over speakers.

Listen to them and let me know if you love this stuff as much as I do. Mike should really consider releasing these tracks. Also, if you have any other demos or outtakes from Mike and the Candy Butchers would you let me know about them?

Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers - Something Special

Enjoy. Can't wait till the "Major Labels"!


angelo said...

thx, i didn't have this..
and yes "The Major Labels" is really worthy

Sars said...

Ta. There were a few of these I didn't have.

bryzo said...

Thanks so much. Didn't have some of these - great stuff!

jon said...

Thanx for these great tunes! I've recently re-discovered Mike Viola after 1st seeing him live...23 yrs ago!

Any chance you have the Candy Butchers debut Blue Thumb record? I heard only a few advance copies made it out before the label went kaput.

Jon from RI

Anonymous said...