Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bleu - Just Another American Pie

Here's one from the extremely talented and prolific singer songwriter, William James McAuley III, otherwise known as "Bleu". This is a set of early tracks by Bleu, many of which date from 2000 and 2001 before his first full length album "Headroom". Most were pulled down from an earlier version of Bleu's website "Bleutopia" several years ago.

Bleu is really great about releasing/leaking his work out for his loyal fan's to hear and enjoy but you need to stay up with it because many of these leaked tracks take years before formal release...or never get formally released at all..and then they vanish! This can help you get up to date.

Looking forward to Bleu's next release "Four" coming in October.
  1. Sayonara (From early version of Redhead, left off final release)
  2. Don't Leave Me Hanging (Unreleased demo from 2001)
  3. Natalie (From Workaday Day EP 2000)
  4. Just Another American Pie (Unreleased demo from 2001)
  5. Nobody Calls It Rock n' Roll Anymore (Unreleased demo from 2001)
  6. Somebody Else (Demo version of Redhead track 2002)
  7. It'll Never Be The Same Again (Unreleased demo from 2001)
  8. Just a Song (From Japanese version of Redhead)
  9. Terrible Secret (Headroom track rerecorded for Redhead but only released as b-side of Get Up)
  10. Today's The Day (From Workaday Day EP 2000)
  11. The Ol' College Try (LEO Demo Version)
  12. 2 Cool for School (B-side from Natural Highlights EP 2002)
  13. Ursula Major, Ursula Minor (From early version of Redhead, left off final release remix)
  14. Snow Day (From A Bing Bang Holidang EP 1999)
  15. Jingle Bells (From A Bing Bang Holidang EP 1999)
  16. Twelve Days of Christmas (From A Bing Bang Holidang EP 1999)
As always, please let me know if I have missed anything from this era. I appreciate it.


jay strange said...
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powerpopsquare said...

Great Haper! So many little gems I didn't know of. Seems we have a very same musical taste in our blogs. See my new posts at:

anythingshouldhappen said...

Sorry for being oso late with this Thanks Haper!

Great stuff and so little of the great man around the net.

My hmphs said...

Wow - this is a great find! I bought headroom at a Bleu concert a few months ago; he warned me that it was very early in his career and he didn't seem too thrilled with it. At that time I thought I was getting the earliest stuff from him, but you've proved me wrong!

Michael said...

Thanks for this, I have a signed copy of Headroom I got at a concert in Boston where he opened for Seven Mary Three.