Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Posies - Pay You Back in Time

Just got the good news that the Posies are due to release their next album entitled Blood/Candy on September 28th. I'm extremely excited about that and a big Posies fan. I've decided to "finish" up my Posies B-Sides and rarities project. Readers of this blog will recognize that I started this project more than a year ago with my first Posies Rarities compilation "Every Bitter Drop".

This collection is part two and finishes out my collection of non-album tracks. I've only included covers or tracks not on other Posies albums. There are two tracks from the upcoming Blood/Candy album taken from a recent KEXP studio session. These new tracks are very nice and preface another essential release from the Posies.

  1. 21 (Outtake)
  2. Keep Me Guessing (Outtake)
  3. Leave Me Be (From Australian bonus disc of Amazing Disgrace)
  4. The Glitter Prize (From KEXP session)
  5. Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Tell You (Bee Gees cover off of B-Side of Ontario single)
  6. Magnifying Mirror (From outtake)
  7. Depression Child (Demo)
  8. What's Going On (Big Star cover studio outtake)
  9. Dreaming (Blondie cover from 2 meter sessions)
  10. Plastic Paperbacks (KEXP session)
  11. Becks Bolero (Outtake)
  12. Oh Michael (Demo)
  13. Thinking Out Loud (Demo)
  14. Surrender (Cheap Trick cover outtake)
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen (Demo)
  16. Now They Want Your Head (Demo)
  17. Ooh Child (B-Side from UK version of Definite Door)
  18. Finally See It Right (Demo)
  19. Pay You Back in Time (Demo)
  20. Forrest Recovery (Demo)
  21. Diary of an Insecure Girl (Demo)
  22. Trace My Falls (Demo)
  23. Revelation to Follow (Demo)
  24. Wiggly World (Outtake)
  25. Christmas (from "Just Say Noël" Compilation)
  26. Come Along and Dance (Demo)
  27. What The World Needs Now Is Love (From Austin Powers soundtrack with Burt Bacharach)
  28. Fete le Muzz (Outtake)
As usual, please let me know if you have something I'm missing in these two collections...


Willard said...

There wasn't a track list for the first Posies comp, but I'm assuming you've got their Hollies cover, "King Midas In Reverse." Which is about the extent of my Posies collection.

Haper said...

Good to hear from you Willard. Yes "King Midas" was track 2 on my previous compilation. I really love the Posies version of that song. I should go back and list the tracks on that post. I wasn't yet in the habit of posting track listings back then. Regards and I always love checking your Blog. Its an everyday check-in for me.

censusloss said...

Dear Haper
What can I say at the riches you have just posted ..Amazing. I have come late to The Posies and have acquired just about all their output incl solo stuff. The box set at last at least eludes me cause I just can't afford the £100 or so it fetches on Amazon - surely it didn't cost that much when released? I still find e.g the demo version of Everybody is a f....g liar to be much superior to the full band version and wonder what other gems lurk in that collection..

Shriner said...

Having just noticed this...

Are most of the "demos" the same versions as what is on the out-of-print box set? Or are they different versions?

Haper said...

Shriner, You are right about the demo tracks. They are extracted from the long out of print box set from Not Lame called "At Least, at Last". The B-sides are from the sources named. Same thing on the previous Posies compilation.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to hear this and even more excited to hear that a new posies cd is coming soon! thanks for making my day! John

gene said...

this is great the posies and went to see them at maxwells, nj ages ago...everything you post here is like a personal laundry list of fave bands of mine....keep up the good work! i will definitely be listening! btw, would you like a couple of free mp3's of my own band? we're called the dimestore buddhas and i think you might like us....cheers,

Anonymous said...

Great comp. Particularly like the two new session tracks (I'm lucky enough to have a copy of the box set). Saw them at the Garage in London last week - amazing.

There are a few tracks I've yet to locate that are on neither of your comps. I believe that the version of Will You Ever Ease Your Mind? on "Adventure Club Sessions" is a different version to the album version. Also, Grow from "Ask The Sky" compilation. Plus the two tracks from the "This Is Not The Posies" 7" single. Finally they did a cover of I’m Looking Through You released on a Mojo magazine cover CD of Beatles songs.

Keep up the good work!

Haper said...

Thanks for pointing out some rare tracks I've yet to find. I'll be on the lookout for them....

Loveless said...

Here's what I came up with for a possible Volume 3:

Will You Ever Ease Your Mind? [Adventure Club Session]
Throwaway (Live) [from Hype! Surviving The Northwest]
Coming Right Along (Live) [Modern Rock Live Sampler]
Start A Life [from Flavor Of The Month CDS]
Every Bitter Drop [Ontario CDS]
Richie Dagger's Crime [Randy Leasure's Posies CD Sampler]
The Only One (Demo) [Unreleased]
Saying Sorry To Myself [Yellow Pills Vol. 2]
Burn & Shine (2metersessies) [2 Meter Sessies Vol. 5]
Sweet Emotion (Live)

pattirules said...

i was so excited to see that both of these comps were still up as i somehow lost my originals (prob on an old computer) :( but then the links are not working. I know it's a real; pain in the ass when ppl ask but can you re-up them please?

pattirules said...

Still hoping one day you can re-up both of these comps...please

Haper said...

Thanks for reminding me. I'll get to it in the next couple of days.

pattirules said...

you are awesome!!!!!!!!!thanks so much!

Haper said...

No problem. All Re-upped now. Enjoy.

ehprh12 said...

Love the Posies. Any Chance of a compilation #3? Love hearing all the Non-Album tracks. Please keep more coming. Thanks for all your work on this.....