Saturday, December 3, 2011

David Mead - More Out Takes, Demos and Studio Performances

David Mead put out "Dudes" late last month and as promised, its a return to classic Power Pop form. Dudes artfully weaves the gorgeous folk pop he demonstrated on last year's "Almost and Always" with the same type of Beatle influenced tunes he explored on 2006's "Tangerine". Obviously "Dudes" is a serious contender for Power Pop CD of the year.

For new listeners, David released a free compilation of hits and out takes called "25 days to Dudes". If you haven't downloaded this collection, do so while it's still available and free. There were three "new" out takes made available on the collection. I've included them in my new collection of demos, studio tracks and out takes. The remainder were released on earlier version of Mead's web sites. Check out my previous collection of out takes, demos and rare tracks. Dudes is purchase it now. Also, check out this new collection of rare tracks and let me know if you have something I'm missing.

1 Lease on Life - out take from "Indiana"
2 Slow Night - out take from "Mine and Yours"
3 Hallelujah, It's a Girl - demo from "Tangerine"
4 Dudes - studio performance from the Ivy League
5 Bucket of Girls - out take from "Luxury of Time"
6 Girl on a Roof - studio performance from Ivy League
7 I Hate It When We Fight - duet with Joy Williams
8 Sweetheart Sorrow - demo
9 Rainy Weather Friend - demo from "Almost and Always"
10 From My Window Sill - studio performance from World Cafe
11 Nashville - studio performance from Ivy League
12 Hallelujah, I Was Wrong - demo from "Tangerine"
13 Didn't I Warn You - out take from "Mine and Yours"
14 Indiana - studio performance from World Cafe
15 Last Train Home - demo from "Almost and Always"
16 Little Boats - studio performance from Tune In at Home


amc8051 said...

Now that Megaupload disposed, is there any way you can put this (and any other stuff you're so inclined) on Mediafire?

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and your terrific site.

Haper said...

Try it again....

amc8051 said...

Terrific! Thanks so much!