Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pugwash - In My Own Time (Rare Tracks #2)

Today's rare Power Pop gem comes to us courtesy of the ever creative Mr. Thomas Walsh of Pugwash. This collection is the second of several compilations of rare demos and acoustic tracks recently posted by Thomas on YouTube. How many of these terrific rare tracks will we get? Only Thomas knows. He's been publishing one or two tracks every day for the last month of so. I've loved checking every morning for unreleased Pugwash tracks. I particularly treasure the two unreleased out takes that never made official Pugwash albums. (Any more of these laying around Thomas?). There are also a handful of live radio show performances as well. One of them is a cover of the early Bee Gee's tune "In My Own Time" - a dead ringer for Revolver-era Beatles if every there was one. Great Version!

If you haven't purchased this years Pugwash release "The Olympus Sound", you better go ahead and do so. It's Pugwash so every track is filled with sweet Beatlesque melodic hooks. Along with Fountain's of Wayne's "Sky Full of Holes", this one is in the running for Power Pop release of the year! Enjoy this collection of rare tracks:

1 Heal Me - B-side of "Answers on a Postcard"
2 In My Own Time - Live Bee Gees cover
3 It Doesn't Matter - Out take from "The Olympus Sound"
4 Pedalo - Bonus track from "The Duckworth Lewis Method"
5 Low - Out take from "Eleven Modern Antiquities"
6 Take Me Away - Acoustic version
7 Sunrise Sunset - Demo
8 Home to Me - Alternate mix
9 Telephone Line - Acoustic ELO cover
10 Finer Things in Life - Demo
11 The Canon and the Bell - Early mix
12 This Could be Good - Acoustic version
13 Anchor - Dub mix
14 Song For You - Demo
15 15 Kilocycle Tone - Demo
16 Ram On - Acoustic Paul McCartney cover
17 Answers On a Postcard - Demo
18 There You Are - Acapella
19 Four Days - Demo
20 Inside the Gullet of the Pelican King - Unreleased instrumental
21 Mr. Blue Sky - Live ELO cover from "The Duckworth Lewis Method"
22 Fall Down - Acoustic version


Shriner said...

Yay to more Pugwash. Thanks, Thomas!

Anonymous said...

A pleasure guys and thank you for the continued support. I've tonnes of great stuff to be honest but there's extensive back catalogue, vinyl and bonus track action to come in 2012 so I have to keep some little treasures back..!! There will be more though. Thomas.x

Haper said...

All I can do is say thanks much Thomas. Always looking forward to the next great Pugwash gems. Would love to hear any out-takes and back catalog until your next release.

Dw. Dunphy said...

Any chance of hearing "Happy Again" the B-side of "Fall Down"?

lucky said...

OK, so now this is my favorite Pugwash! (although the fact that I can't find "Almanac" in any form at all is making me very despondent). It is strange how something so good just leaves you feeling that you need more. Great music is such a drug.

The Bee Gess and ELO covers are just fantastic, and the live Duckworth Lewis recording makes me wish that Thomas would have mercy on us and circulate some live recordings of his gigs....there is way too much talent here to be kept hidden.

lucky said...

BTW I am in touch with an Irish fan who has a number of radio sessions and interviews with the band we love so much, and hopefully he will be sharing them in the next week or so. If you are interested, contact me at luckybit, over at g mail