Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bleu - Besides B-Sides

One of the best releases of the year is itself a B-sides compilation. This one an official release from the ever prolific, always brilliant Bleu McAuley. Bleu has pulled together some of his recent demos, outtakes and B-sides and assembled another masterful release that really shows the depth of his songwriting and his amazing voice. If you haven't picked up "Besides" yet, then you really need to. Bleu is making the project available in two formats. Vinyl with digital download and digital download only (...with some minor differences in track listing that drive completest like me crazy.)

Speaking of completeists. I searched my archives and found a number of tracks that didn't make the cut on Besides. These are later tracks than the early B-sides compilation I posted before and none of them are the same as Bleu's official effort. Check them out. Even Bleu's castaways are very, very good. As usual, please let me know if you have something rare that I'm missing.

1. Glass Houses - Outtake from "Blizzard of 05" period. Posted on MySpace

2. Golden Handcuffs - More recent disco track in the vein of "Blow up the Radio" from Besides. Posted on ReverbNation

3. I Have to Have You - Recent track that Bleu has been doing at solo shows.(I was expecting this on Besides). Cool tune. Posted on SoundCloud

4. When it Rains it Pours - Another outtake from "Blizzard of 05" period. Posted on MySpace

5. Sakura (Cherry Blossom Bloom) - Compilation track from "Together We Are Not Alone"

6. Taylor Locke (Rex of Rocke) - Fun track. A "note" to Taylor Locke of Rooney fame. Posted on Soundcloud.

7. Blacklight - Another disco track in the vein of "Blow up the Radio" from Besides. Posted on ReverbNation

8. Cold, Cold Christmas - One of those great bluesy gospel tracks Bleu does so well. This one a Christmas song from ReverbNation

9. Ordinary Breakdown - Yet another outtake from "Blizzard of 05" period. Posted on MySpace

10. I'm in Love with My Lover (Acoustic) - Solo acoustic version from "Brixton Sessions" video

11. How Blue (Acoustic) Not the version from Besides. This solo acoustic track is also from a "Brixton Sessions" video

12. Happy Birthday Mara - Personalized track for a Kickstarter supporter. Posted on Soundcloud


powerpopsquare said...

Great songs, as always. Glass houses is beautiful. Cold cold christmas too!

Happy Birthday Mara - the song for my daughter was inspired by a song of a Russian performer. In the days of her birth it was all around us (it was kind of a internet phenomenon - there were newspaper reports, remixes on youtube ...).
It's funny (but it depends on your kind of humor very much ;-)

Ben said...

I love this! Thank you for putting these songs up! I noticed on his website that the iTunes version will be missing a few songs, and I didn't order the vinyl. Do you think you could shoot me an email with those songs on it? That would be most appreciated!

JustBN said...

Re-post please?

Haper said...

JustBn, I've had just two requests to remove anything in my 5 years of posting this blog and this is one of the requests. It came indirectly through a friend from Bleu's manager and I'm going to respect the request. I've heard that Bleu intends to keep shopping some of these songs around and I wish him nothing but the best. Sorry!

powerpopsquare said...

That's a sad thing, Haper. I found some songs from Bleu I never heard of by your blog. If these songs are set for a commercial release, I can understand this, though. For me these popfair collections were a fan service for the people who are fans and have all the released stuff ... and want more.