Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Grays Studio Rehearsals and Radio Shows

One of the great things about keeping a blog is that you get help on the things you write about. I've had a couple of posters turn me on to some great music. I had thought that had I all of the Jason Falkner unreleased stuff, but I was wrong. Below is a compilation I put together from a couple of postings of some live studio covers performed by the Grays. I put these together with some acoustic radio show tunes from the same era.

The Grays - Studio Rehearsals and Radio Shows

Together, these complement the only release by the Power Pop supergroup the Grays featuring Jason Falkner, Jon Brion, Buddy Judge and Dan McCarroll.

Don't know that cornerstone album? Get over to the Never Get Out of the Boat blog immediately and check it out. if you like anything on this blog, you'll want to hear this!

Thanks to all for helping me complete my collection....and if I'm missing more stuff, will you let me know?