Monday, October 30, 2017

Cliff Hillis - Many Happy Returns Companion

Cliff Hillis has provided a soundtrack to my summer for years - and though its well into fall I'm still listening Cliff's EP from this summer "Many Happy Return".   As usual, great tunes and terrific playing throughout.   The only disappointing thing is the relatively brevity of Cliff's offerings.  Still, Cliff continues to release tantalizing demos on SoundCloud and many of them are very fine indeed. I've included another collection of these demos as an accompaniment to the Many Happy Returns EP.  Enjoy these and support Cliff.

Many Happy Returns EP
1 Time An Evangelist
2 Many Happy Returns
3 Superfluous
4 With All the World
5 Hey Pretty Face
6 Never in a Million Years

Many Happy Returns Companion
7 Wake
8 Writing's On the Wall
9 Brilliant Mistake
10 These Days
11 Rachel Maddow
12 Listen To Your Mother
13 Instrumental #43
14 Caution (Rock Opus Mix)
15 Last Train to Nowhere
16 Pretty Little Cemetery