Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Pugwash Album on the Way!

Great news at Pop Fair! Thomas Walsh's new Pugwash blog confirms that the new Pugwash CD entitled "The Olympus Sound" is complete! He's leaked out a few minutes of music to tantilize fans and no surprise, from what I've heard so far, the tracks are pure Beatlesque joy! I'd advise listening to a few minutes from the first track "Answers On A Postcard" and hear for yourself.

Hey Thomas I'd love to get a pre-release listen of that "Listening Copy" to do a proper review!

By now it's almost assumed that Mr. Walsh is surrounded by a great band peppered with big name guest stars. This time Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory from XTC co-write and produce selected tracks. Ben Folds makes a guest appearance on piano.

As usual to wet your appetite before the official release, I'm posting my ever more complete collection of rare Pugwash "Odds and Sods".. You'll see that most of these tracks are cleverly chosen covers. Almost all were posted By the talented Mr. Walsh himself during last year. (I posted a few lower quality version of these back in 2008) As always they are great.

If anyone has any Pugwash collectibles that I'm missing, please share!

1 On With the Show (Idle Race Cover)
2 Dr. Robert (Beatles Cover)
3 You're Like Manchester (John Shuttleworth Cover)
4 Tinsel and Marzipan (Christmas Single)
5 To My Maker (Colin Hare Cover B-Side of "This Could Be Good")
6 Thanks For Christmas (XTC Cover)
7 Home to Me (Track Left off of Jollity B-Side of "This Could Be Good")
8 All You Need is Love (Beatles Cover)
9 At Abbey Road (I Want You Back In My Life Instrumental)
10 Radio Ga Ga (Queen Cover)
11 I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Move Cover Live Acoustic)
12 You Just May Be The One (Monkees Cover Live Acoustic)
13 Two Wrongs (Live)

Looking forward to release day!