Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Great New Plasticsoul Album

One of my favorite albums of the summer has been Therapy by Plasticsoul. Leader and songwriter Steven Wilson has truly produced a strong suite of tunes that channel that mid-period Beatles vibe ala Cotton Mather.   The songs are strong and Wilson snarls and spits his way through them with a serious jangle.  Strongly recommend this fine album.  It will certainly make its way on to my top 25 albums of the year list.

Wilson has been busy posting ideas and demos through the years as he culls his best stuff for the album.  Though the official release certainly contains his strongest material, a number of the cast-offs are very good indeed.   I've collected a number of the unreleased tracks here.   Pick up the the official album and enjoys these demo tracks.

1 No Ordinary Life
2 Build My Invention
3 Caliber Karma
4 Nothing to Write Home About
5 Suicide (The Degradation of Miley)
6 The Good Life
7 Laughing Boy
8 California Blues
9 Cats
10 World Without Ideas
11 Skylarks and Other Birds
12 On A Sunday