Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Return of Colin Moulding

As the year winds down, there have been two notable Power Pop releases in tradition of XTC; one I expected and the other a surprise.   I've been anticipating "Silverlake" the new album by Pugwash with help by Jason Falkner.   Its a stunner and a strong candidate for best Power Pop release of the year. More on that later.... 

I was not expecting new material by XTC co-leader Colin Moulding.   "Great Aspirations" is the new EP by TC&I, the duo project of Colin Moulding and Ex-XTC drummer Terry Chambers.  Its the first new material from Moulding in many years.and even though there are only four tracks, its great to hear Colin back performing.  Some fine tracks with trademark XTC hooks on this EP.   I've collected several additional tracks where Colin has contributed vocals to other artist's projects in recent years to help round out my listening.  Really glad to hear new material from Colin and hope to hear more soon...

Great Expectations EP
1 Scatter Me
2 Greatness
3 Kenny
4 Comrades of Pop

Other Recent Colin Appearances
5 Brain Damage
6 The Man Who Died Two Times
7 It's Raining Again
8 Check Point Karma
9 Are We To Believe
10 Take The Money and Run
11 Down a Peg (Demo)