Sunday, June 22, 2014

Timmy Sean - Perfect Summer Pop

It's officially summer and that's an excuse to reach for that perfect cruzin' Power Pop disc.  For the second summer in a row, I've gone to the same disc from Timmy Sean, the "East Coast Girls" EP.  This is a perfect summer record. It's chock full of great anthemic rockers that get stuck in your head as you drive around town..  Timmy Sean and his band "The Celebrities" rock hard in the vein of Cheap Trick or Valley Lodge but their songs get stuck in your head like Fountains of Wayne.  Over the last year, Timmy has released several singles that have freshened up the entire set for me. When added to the EP tracks, there is now an albums worth of material.

Sean is a Power Pop treasure.  He used to front the band "Luzer" and released three great records with that band.  Since going it alone, He put out the incredibly great "Songs for Noisewater", a Brian Wilson influenced Pop concept record classic.  If you haven't heard that record, you are in for a treat. Timmy has made the album available for free on Bandcamp.   He is incredibly generous with his music and for that reason I'm not going to repost these tracks together as a compilation.  However if you don't mind doing just a little work, Timmy has posted good quality early mixes of much of the material on his EP, much of it for free and they sound great to me.  I've included links to download each of the tracks below.  Simply follow the links and right click and  "save as" to download the material.   I've included the order I listen to them in.

This summer, Timmy is releasing his "Sir Video"synthpop side project and though much of that material is a bit "dancy" for me. there is still some great material there as well. I've included a Sir Video song "This Magic" as part of my list below.  Pull down these tracks and make sure you support Timmy by buying his commercial material.  He has got the right recipe for summer.

1 You're Still On My Mind
2 She's Mine
3 Back to the Middle
4 Come On Mandy Updated version of a Luzer song
5 Heart of Glass  Blondie Cover
6 Gimme Everything Updated version of a Luzer song
7 This Time Around
8 East Coast Girls
9 Say You'll Be There Spice Girls Cover
10 This Magic Sir Video Track
11 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Bachman Turner Overdrive Cover
12 It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Updated version of a Luzer song