Sunday, January 27, 2013

David Myhr - Bonus Tracks and Covers

2013 is off to a strong start.  Weeks into the year, there are already a number of exciting releases.   I'm excited about the releases from Jim Boggia, The Sun Sawed in 1/2 and Josh Rouse.  Also excited about the demos from Plasticsoul and Joe Giddings....but I can't let 2012 go quite yet, and have still been listening to a bunch of bonus tracks and covers from my favorite David Myhr.

In the spirit of Power Pop legends or old, David has been extremely generous with the bonus tracks and "web released" covers.   The 11 tracks assembled here serve as a nice complement to 2012's official release "Soundshine".   If you haven't heard that album, you're in for a treat.   If you've been following David at his Facebook page or Blog, then you've already heard much of what I've assembled here.  Consider this collection a convenience and a reminder to go back and support the return of one of the worlds best Power Pop artists! (This second version of the compilation now includes the great track "Record Collection".)

1 Never Mine - New slower version recorded at Abbey Road
2 Record Collection - Japanese bonus track (Thanks much to a friend for this one!)
3 Happy New Year - Acoustic cover of an Abba track
4 Euphoria - David records the winner of a student composition contest. Not a bad track!
5 The Things We Do For Love - Early mix of a 10cc cover
6 Boom Boom Beat - Japanese bonus track
7 Jaded - Acoustic cover of a Mommyheads track
8 Looking For a Life - Mankind remix
9 Wildflowers - Acoustic cover of a Tom Petty track
10 Never Mine - Stripped down version
11 Looking for a Life - Acoustic radio version