Sunday, July 2, 2017

KC Bowman - Rose Period

Thanks to Aaron over at the must read "Power Popaholic" blog who reminded me to check in with KC Bowman.   It's been a couple of years since put together my last compendium of KC tracks and since that time I've found that KC has been busy releasing music gratis under a number of names with a number of collaborators.

The tracks on this collection have been released as KC Bowman tracks, Preoccupied Pipers Tracks, Vinny's Vipers tracks and one cover track from the super group Pop 4.  Many of these songs are covers and nearly all of them were released as name-your-price downloads.  As usual I've pulled them together until KC releases his next complete album.
Can't wait.

1 Moon Over Marin (KC Bowman covers the Dead Kennedys)
2 Rose Period (KC Bowman Original)
3 My Approach (Preoccupied Pipers)
4 Let's Go Crazy (Preoccupied Pipers cover Prince)
5 Now to War (Preoccupied Pipers cover Guided By Voices)
6 Love's in Need of Love Today (Preoccupied Pipers cover Stevie Wonder)
7 Minor Doorsteps (Preoccupied Pipers)
8 Second Dart (KC Bowman Original)
9 Mayday (Preoccupied Pipers)
10 Prayer Breakfast (Vinny's Vipers)
11 Sir Edmond the Entersplainer (Vinny's Vipers)
12 Help Is On It's Way (Pop 4 cover Little River Band)
13 Shutdown Mode (Demo)
14 Poisonous Peach 2 (Acoustic Demo)
15 Goodbye Minced Oaths (Acoustic Demo)
16 Fountainhead (Acoustic Demo)
17 Rose Period (Acoustic Demo)
18 Second Dart (Acoustic Demo)
19 My Approach (Acoustic Demo)
20 Poisonous Peach (Acoustic Demo)