Thursday, December 22, 2016

Starling Electric - A Holiday "Re-gift"

It's that time of year - when I take stock of the year in Power Pop and remember some of my favorite moments from the year.  "Electric Company" by Starling Electric was certainly one of my favorite releases of the year.  The band plays power pop as if Robert Pollard from"Guided by Voices" had been listening to a steady stream of Beach Boys - without the attention deficit disorder disease.   "Electric Company" is a really wonderful album and it wasn't celebrated enough in my opinion.  If you haven't picked up a copy, then I'd suggest you head directly to Bandcamp and do so now.  One of the best releases of the year for sure.  Starling Electric deserves support for producing great tunes like this.

In addition to "Electric Company", Starling Electric lead singer Caleb Dillon has a gift for all pop fans.   He has posted an amazing solo record entitled "Castlevania" for free on Bandcamp. Caleb has been previewing this epic album to friends and family over the last album and it is simply superb.   Think Elliott Smith meets the shoegazer band Ride.   An introverted but drop dead gorgeous record that deserves its own place on my top 25 list for this year.

In addition, the group has posted a set of "free" set of demos on Bandcamp entitled." I Can't Believe I Hate The Whole Thing".  Lots of good stuff in there though its of varying fidelity.

Thanks for the gifts Caleb!  They are just what I wanted!


1 The Fog
2 Silver Lake
3 Death's Door
4 Those Eyes!
5 I Died
6 Let's Try To Keep It Out Of The Papers
7 No One Knows My Name
8 Dark Agez
9 Multiple Murder
10 Scarlet Fever
11 Missouri
12 I'm The Cop That Shot Mal Evans
13 Wear Your Love Like Heather