Sunday, August 18, 2013

David Myhr - Live at PDOL

Lots of signals telling me that summer is running down in the northern hemisphere and I'm going to miss it.  For me the Power Pop soundtrack of the summer has been the new one by The Electric Soft Parade, called Idiots.  Idiots is truly a pop masterpiece and an easy contender for the best Power Pop release of the year.   Though I'm collecting rare tracks to complement that album (and could use any help you could offer), I've been trying to keep summer alive by spinning tracks from one of last summer's favorite release Soundshine by David Myhr.  I've been listening quite a bit to the soundtrack to a live concert that David released last year entitled "Live at PDOL".

I don't post a lot of live shows because I tend to appreciate a professionally mixed set.  This concert fits the bill.  Its immaculately recorded and features some of the best tracks from SoundShine, my favorite Power Pop release from 2012. Enjoy.

1 Cut to the Chase
2 I Love The Feeling
3 Don't Say No
4 Never Mine
5 Looking For a Life
6 Get It Right
7 Got You Where He Wanted
8 Wanderlust
9 Loveblind