Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Honeydogs - Live Concert

One of the top Power Pop albums this year is from the Minneaapolis band the Honeydogs. Lead by singer songwriter Adam Levy, the Honeydogs play a unique brand of roots influenced Power Pop. Their new album "What Comes Next" is a fresh serving of that trademark sound. There are elements of Americana, R & B, and roots rock. No one playing today melds as many of these elements in a seemless whole while serving up such timeless melodies.

In order to celebrate what is certainly one of year's top releases, I'm attaching links to one of my favorite live sound board concerts by the band. The Honeydogs permit fan recordings and this live concert from 2005 is a great date with impecible sound. The concert features material from the 2003 epic 10,000 Years. If you don't know the Honeydogs, this is a great place to start courtesy of A great session by a great band:

1. Panhandler's Serenade
2. Dead Stars
3. Test Tube Kid
4. Poor Little Sugar
5. Rumor Has It
6. Red Dye #40
7. Heads or Tails
8. The Rake's Progress
9. Piece of Cake
10. For the Tears
11. Cherub
12. Across the Great Divide
13. 10,000 Years
14. Sour Grapes