Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Electric Soft Parade - Demos and Radio Performances of Idiots

It has been 6 years since Brighton's Electric Soft Parade has released a full length album.  That album came out earlier this summer.  It is called "Idiots" and it is a masterstroke. Perhaps the most consistently brilliant release I've heard this year, the album hits hard with clever hooks and never lets up.   It features co-leaders Thomas and Alex White particular brand of prog influenced pop.   Lots of hooks, lots of key changes, some strange instrumental breaks and brilliant production.  This time the brother's White have found expression for their alternative sides on the solo releases they put out over the last few years.   They have pulled all of their pop material into Idiots.    I really can't recommend this release enough.  Simply brilliant!

For the lucky owners of the release, I've pulled together some recent radio performances, a couple of demos and a bonus track that didn't make the album.  Consider this a set off extra bonus tracks.   For the uninitiated, listen to these tracks as a taste of what the real release is all about.   Idiots is out everywhere.  No excuse to not pickup one of the finest releases of the year.

1 Summertime in My Heart (Live on BBC)
2 Idiots (Live on BBC)
3 Number One (Live on BBC)
4 Lilly (Demo)
5 1969 (Bonus Track)
6 The Corner of Highdown and Montefiore (Live on BBC)
7 Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone (Live on BBC)
8 One Of Those Days (Live on BBC)
9 Welcome to the Weirdness (Demo)
10 We Don't Have to Fight Anymore (Older Demo)