Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cliff Hillis - Love Not War Companion

Cliff Hillis's latest EP "Love Not War" is on the top of my playlist at the moment.  As always Cliff deliver's with terrific well constructed tunes that get wedged into your consciousness.  The 7 songs that comprise "Love Not War" fly by and I was always wanting more.  

Just as I did for his last EP  I've pulled together some additional demos that Cliff posted on his two Soundcloud accounts in a compilation that complements his official EP.   Buy the EP and add these additional 7 tracks and you have something that more approximates a proper "album".   Enjoy and don't forget to support one of the US's best Power Pop recording artist.

Love Not War EP
1 Love Not War
2 The Buddha's Belly
3 Don't Drown the Wind
4 A Boy Downtown
5 Suicide Doors
6 Mayor of Midnight
7 Too Many Songs

Love Not War Companion
8 Fresh As Tomorrow
9 Truth Be Told
10 Cindy is Serious
11 Fourth Stone From the Sun
12 David Crosby
13 Grosser than Gross
14 Seven Seas