Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deleted Waveform Gatherings - A History

I've been on a marathon, listening to "Deleted Waveform Gatherings", the Norwegian psych pop project lead by singer songwriter Øyvind Holm.   Each of Deleted Waveform's three albums (Baby Warfare, Complicated View and Ghost, She Said) bares repeated listening. They are dense and tuneful records.  The band alternates from spacey 60’s rave ups to mid-period Beatles rockers.  Closest comparison would be a louder more psychedelic Cotton Mather.

I tried to put together a rare tracks compilation of Deleted Waveforms but settled for a sampler of tracks from the history of the band. This sampler features several live tracks along with some rare tracks culled from Øyvind Holm's rare solo album "The Vanshing Act" and his prior group the Dipsomaniacs (the Norwegian band  - not to be confused by the Replacements influenced U.S. band who share the same name). I found only a few tunes on YouTube and Myspace but I really liked what I heard.   I've been listening to this a lot.   Let me know if anyone has more tunes by the Dipsomaniacs or Øyvind's solo album. This sampler continues to demonstrate the great songs his has written his entire career. 

Most interesting to me is the new single (2013) from Holm's latest country-pop project, Sugarfoot.  The track is cover of "My Friend" an obscure 1970's tune by the band Spirit’s songwriter Randy California that is a dead ringer for mid period Byrds.   It’s an excellent song that demonstrates that Holm is still making great Power Pop.

1 Sugarfoot - My Friend
2 Øyvind Holm - The Vanishing Act
3 Deleted Waveform Gatherings - Complicated View (Live on Peak Radio NYC 2007)
4 Dipsomaniacs - Nothing is for Keeps
5 Øyvind Holm - Salt-Mutated Summer Breeze
6 Øyvind Holm - Everything (A Good Taste of)
7 Dipsomaniacs - Dear Mrs. Widdecombe
8 Øyvind Holm - When She's Sleeping
9 Øyvind Holm - Sunday Church Bell Chime
10 Dipsomaniacs - Bring Flowers to the Courthouse
11 Dipsomaniacs - Fair-weather Friend
12 Dipsomaniacs - The Water Choir's Drowning
13 Deleted Waveform Gatherings - Will I Ever (Live Arlene's Grocery NYC 2007)
14 Deleted Waveform Gatherings - Minefield Baby (Live Arlene's Grocery NYC 2007)