Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Peter Holsapple - Back Blogging!

Thanks to Rob over at The dB's Repercussion blog for spreading the news that Peter Holsapple one of the two creative forces behind the dB's is back and blogging again.  In Peter's blog, he reports that he is recording for a new effort and I couldn't be happier.    As recently as a year ago it sounded like Peter had hung up his song writing pen, so that he is back in the studio is excellent news.   Long standing readers of Pop Fair know that Holsapple is one of my absolutely favorite singer songwriters, however its been a waiting game being his fan. There had been no new tracks from Peter since his days with the Continental Drifters until 2009 when Peter and Chris Stamey released the excellent duet record  "Here and Now".   This was followed in 2012 by "Falling Off the Sky" by the reformed dB's, a wonderful return to form for the legendary band.  Since that time only the odds and ends of tracks left off of the "Falling Off the Sky" were released and then...nothing.

So Peter might be "back" and writing again and that's great....but if past performance is a predictor, it may take a while until we get to hear new material.   To hold me over, I've been listening to my second compilation of Holsapple material "released" on the Radio Free Song Club blog.   That blog has gone dormant recently but for a while was releasing monthly compilations of alternative folk performances recorded live in studios around NYC.  Peter would regularly send in songs he recorded in his home in North Carolina.   in 2011, he briefly released a CD of the first batch of those songs.  That release appears to be out of print at present  I've been waiting, but I've seen no evidence of a second CD.   Until Peter releases a CD of this stuff, please enjoy the second batch of Holsapple tracks culled from the Radio Free Song Club.   Some great Holsapple material here served up with a very DIY aesthetic.  Can't wait for new material from Peter.

1 Goodness Gracious
2 All Hail
3 The Devil You Know
4 Real Tears
5 Cinderella Style
6 Game Day
7 Happy The Drunk
8 Morning Train
9 Didn't You Used to Be
10 Bluesy Mama
11 The Donkey Song
12 Don't Ever Leave