Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Acoustic Mann

My October post is a compilation of acoustic tracks by Aimee Mann. Most of these tracks were recorded early in Aimee's solo career during the early 1990s, a time when she was co-writing songs with Jon Brion and Jules Shear.   In my opinion, they are some of Aimee's best and benefit from these stripped down arrangements.   The initial bunch were taken from a bonus CD that accompanied the German release of Whatever.  Waiting for the next Aimee Mann release....

1 I Should've Known
2 Say Anything
3 Stupid Thing
4 That's Just What You Are
5 The Other End (Of The Telescope)
6 Sugarcoated
7 I've Had It
8 Put Me On Top
9 Voices Carry
10 Fifty Years After The Fair
11 Save Me
12 Freeway
13 Ghost World
14 4th of July
15 Little Bombs
16 Could've Been Anyone
17 Girls Talk