Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mike Viola - Kenmore Square

For completist Candy Butchers fans, here is the Kenmore Square album by Mike Viola and Snap. This album, originally released in 1990, is quite good. Catchy songs that sound very much like later Candy Butchers tracks. "One More Word" for instance, foreshadows "The Killing Floor" from "Falling into Place", released nine years later.

To my ears, this album has more to do with later Candy Butcher albums like "Falling into Place" or "Play With Your Head" than the more acoustic self titled "Candy Butchers" album released on Blue Thumb or the "Live At La Bonbonniere" EP. Anyway, its Mike Viola and that means its great. Well worth a listen.

Sorry about the low quality tracks. I got these years ago and I forget where I got them....also please let me know if anyone has any more Mike Viola or Candy Butcher rarities.