Monday, June 17, 2013

The Grapes of Wrath - B-Sides and Bonus Tracks

There has been quite a bit of buzz in the Power Pop world about the new Grapes of Wrath album "High Road" and for good reason.  The Canadian band has reformed after a 13 year hiatus and have delivered a compelling power pop effort that's strong throughout.  Co-leaders Tom Hooper and Kevin Kane have again buried past differences (they had a brief reunion in 2000 for the album Field Trip) and have come together with an effort that leverages the best of the Grapes trademark jangle sound.   As I write this, High Road has only been released in Canada but non-Canadians can still get the album.  We can stream the effort from the CBC here.....but you will like what you hear and can buy downloads here.

In honor of the effort, I've assembled a collection of B-sides and bonus tracks.   The collection features a number of tracks from the rare bonus EP that accompanied 2000's  album "Field Trip".  A number are rearrangements of previously released Grapes tracks from the 1990's.   A few are covers.  Three of the tracks are from the album "Suddenly I Came To My Senses" by Ginger.   Ginger was Tom Hooper's effort after Kevin Kane left the band the first time.   I've included the most "jangly" from that effort. 

1 All the Things I Wasn't - Alternate Version from the "Field Trip" Bonus Disc
2 Down So Close - from B-Side of "You May Be Right"
3 See Emily Play - Pink Floyd Cover from the B-Side of "All The Time"
4 Misunderstanding - Alternate Version from the "Field Trip" Bonus Disc
5 All The Time - B-side of "I Am Here"
6 What I Need - From Ginger LP "Suddenly I Came To My Senses"
7 99 Miles from LA - Albert Hammond Cover from the "Field Trip" Bonus Disc
8 Let Me Roll It - McCartney Cover from the B-side to "What Was Going Through My Head"
9 Everything's Funny - From Ginger LP "Suddenly I Came To My Senses"
10 What Was Going Through My Head - Alternate Version from Field Trip Bonus Disc
11 FID's Theme - 1990 Demo
12 Summertime - From Ginger LP "Suddenly I Came To My Senses"
13 Backward Town - B-side from "Do You Want to Tell Me"
14 Porpoise Song - Monkee's Cover from the "Field Trip" Bonus Disc

Enjoy the compilation but I recommend getting the new album.   Great effort.