Sunday, October 30, 2016

Duncan Matiland and Robyn Gibson are Future Harmonies

Oncoming Classic Power Pop Alert!   I'm extremely excited about the new covers collaboration project between Duncan Maitland and Robyn Gibson, leader of the Junipers. Duncan Maitland, for those of you who don't know, is a well respected studio musician who is at the core of the Irish Power Pop scene.  He has featured prominently on all Pugwash releases and in 2010 released a phenomenal solo record "Lullabies For The 21st Century", a lovely purple vinyl version of which was recently released by Sugarbush.  If you haven't heard this great album, then you owe it to yourself to check it out ASAP.

Robyn Gibson is the leader and vocalist of the Leicester based psychedelic pop band the Junipers.  Their release "Red Bouquet Fair" is a lovely chamber pop epic, on track to be on my best of the year list.   Together Robyn and Duncan call themselves Future Harmonies and they are working on an all cover effort to be released later this year. They have been leaking out some tracks on SoundCloud that are truly beautiful.   I've combined those tracks so far with some alternative versions of songs from Duncan's 2010 masterpiece "Lullabies For The 21st Century" in this compilation.  Listen to this and get excited about the oncoming Future Harmonies album. Duncan rarities are hard to find.  If anyone has a copy of Duncan's rare "2006 Live Alien EP" can you let me know?   I've had one back-ordered on Amazon for months.

1 Two of a Kind - Syd Barrett cover by Duncan
2 All I Ever Wanted - Kirsty McCall cover by Future Harmonies
3 Lucky You - early version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track
4 Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand - Who cover by Future Harmonies
5 Handbirds - instrumental version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track
6 Funny How Love Can Be - Ivy League cover by Future Harmonies
7 Terry The Toad- early version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track
8 Cry Me To Sleep - solo version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track from "Declan Session"
9 Your Century- solo version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track from "Jungla Sonora"
10 Starman - Live Bowie cover by Duncan
11 Insect Under the Stone- solo version of "Lullabies For The 21st Century" track from "Jungla Sonora"
12 Two of Us - live Beatles cover by Future Harmonies
13 Baby's In Black- live Beatles cover by Future Harmonies

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Grant-Lee Phillips - Sunday's Best

Grant-Lee Phillips is a long time favorite of mine and though much of his output could be characterized as Americana, there are strong pop elements throughout his large catalog. His latest effort "The Narrows" is a solid  rocking album.  It alternates between strong roots rockers and Grant's trademark world-weary crooning ballads.

Today's post is a collection of rare non-album compilation, B-side and bonus tracks that emphasize Grant's pop sound. All of these rarities are from Grant's post Grant Lee Buffalo period.  (I'm currently looking for at least two tracks that know of  "The Goodnight Horse" and "Hold Me".   If anyone has these or any other Grant rarities, I'd appreciate letting me know).

Enjoy these great tracks.

1 Hugo's Theme - bonus track from "Mobilize"
2 Sunday's Best - bonus track from "Mobilize"
3 Smile - from "Gilmore Girls" soundtrack
4 Itchin' - from "Arctic Tales" soundtrack
5 Buckaroo - B-side of "Spring Released"
6 Sarah - from "Witchblade" soundtrack
7 Me and This City - compilation track from "The I-10 Chronicles"
8 Ashes to Ashes - Bowie cover with the Section String Quartet
9 Song of the North - from "Arctic Tales" soundtrack
10 Mother of Exiles - download single
11 Hit Parade - single
12 Here Comes The Sun - Beatles cover from compilation
13 Ballad of Catain - unreleased track from "Witchblade"
14 Winterglow - single
15 Snow Flakes - bonus track from "Ladie's Love Oracle"
16 We Three Kings - unreleased Christmas track