Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Redd Kross - Any Hour Every Day

You have GOT to love Redd Kross. They evolved from pre-teen LA punk stars during the 1980s into a full fledged Power Pop force during the 1990s. Albums from Redd Kross have been few-and-far-between however, and much of their best stuff has come out as singles and compilation tracks . For the power pop collecter, I recommend all the 1990s albums - from Third Eye on. Essential stuff!

I've collected most of their fine singles and compilation tracks here: 

1 Any Hour Every Day
2 Switchblade Sister
3 So Cal V8
4 Fancy
5 What's Wrong With Me?
6 Dancing Queen
7 Popular Cult
8 Tico and Yolanda
9 Yesterday Once More
10 Misery is Mother
11 Byrds and Fleas
12 Girls Can Tell
13 The Insatiable Kind
14 Star Lust
15 How Much More
16 Trance
17 It's In The Sky
18 What Cha Doin to That Girl?
19 I'll Meet You Half Way
20 Sick Love
21 It Won't Be Long
22 Hard Luck Woman
23 Sister Teresa's Biography
24 I Was Born to Love You
25 Marry Christmas
26 Super Sunny Christmas

Enjoy and let me know if I've missed anything. I hear they are working on a new album (don't get too excited. They've been promising that for years.) Can't wait....