Friday, May 30, 2008

The Lost Super Deluxe Album

During the late 1990's the Posies were turning out a series of terrific Power Pop albums. At the same time, another Seattle based band was producing great music closely modelled on that prototypical "Posies Power Pop sound". The band "Super Deluxe" was lead by lead singer Braden Blake. in 1995 and 1997, Super Deluxe released two excellent power pop albums. A coincidence was that Braden Blake's voice sounded remarkably similar to Posies leaders Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow. (I think that Blake subsequently worked with Ken Stringfellow in his "Salteen": project during the couple of years when the Posies broke up - but that's the subject of another post).

Super Deluxe produce great poppy tunes charged with the high energy sound of the bands of that era. They released two excellent albums, "Famous" and "Via Satellite". You can hear "Famous", their excellent out-of-print debut at King Size Mongs fine blog.

After their second CD, 1997's Via Satellite, Super Deluxe faded from sight only to reemerge in 2005 with their fine comeback CD "Surrender". However in 1998 a series of excellent demos for an unreleased third album made their way around. The songs are great and the production excellent and to my knowledge they were never officially released. Enjoy!

..also be sure to check out the 2004 solo album by Braden Blake entitled "A Year in Pajamas". Though much more mellow, its full of memorable Power Pop tunes... and its still in print.


KingSizeMong said...

Great post.

They even make a Supertramp cover sound cool!!!

eMusic lists an album from 2005 "Surrender"

I'll pick that up mid June when my monthly sub kicks in again.

changeling37 said...

wow, thanks. Had no idea this existed. Via Satellite was an amazing record, really looking forward to hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I'm a huge super d fan and I was sad not to have anything new to listen to.. but this fixed me right up :)

Unknown said...

Can you upload this to like mediafire or something like that?
This download service makes you sign up for all that spam mail before you can even download the file.
Id love to hear this album... but cant, cause of where you or someone put it.

changeling37 said...

manicpop said...

someone really needs to re-up this.

binman said...

Agreed. Missed it first time around, would appreciate another chance. Thanks!