Monday, May 31, 2010

Cotton Mather - Innocent Street

This one is a response to a recent request. It's a collection a collection of demos, b-sides and compilation tracks by the Austin band Cotton Mather.

In the 90's Cotton Mather released three essential Power Pop albums that strongly evoked mid-period Beatles. In my opinion their second album Kontiki is one of "the" classics. Great songs, subtle and interesting production and a sequence that really hangs together. Lead singer Robert Harrison has evolved this sound in his latest project Future Clouds and Radar. He has two albums out that are well worth listening to.

The collection below is drawn from a series of postings from the sadly closed music blog Eternally Yours - so much thanks there:
  1. Flying (Tribute to Badfinger)
  2. Innocent Street (From Bam Balam Compilation)
  3. Spin My Wheels (Electric Version Posted on Website)
  4. Password (Working Demo)
  5. Little Star (From French Version of Kontiki)
  6. Don't Bother Me (Tribute to George Harrison)
  7. Homefront Cameo (Acoustic)
  8. Private Ruth (Acoustic Bonus from French Version of Kontiki)
  9. Lily Dreams on (Alternative Version from French Version of Kontiki)
  10. Ship Shape (From Crafty Flower Arranger)
  11. Aurora Bori Alice (Live Radio B-side of Password Single)
  12. Church of Wilson (Live Radio B-side of Password Single)
  13. Heaven's Helping (B-side from The Big Picture)


bglobe313 said...

I think I got this off Eternally Yours (was that where the Flying Color demos were posted, too?), but just in case I will check it out again.

I have tons of "power pop" and Kon-Tiki by Cotton Mather is THE BEST.

Not "one of the best." No, THE BEST.

Ace K.

KingSizeMong said...

Nice selection of tracks from a great band.

Really like "FCAR" too.

Anonymous said...

You don't post often or a lot, but, wowie zowie, EVERY SINGLE THING you post is stellar. I'm in awe of your ability to gather such treasures -- and then to SHARE them? You're going to heaven! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cotton Mather. Are there any other demos/unreleased recordings out there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO MUCH! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the Cotton Mather material... And thanks for Jason Falkner too...
Regards from France