Sunday, July 25, 2010

KC Bowman - Pioneer Playfaire

Here is another compilation by one of my personal favorites, KC Bowman. KC is one of the "leaders" of a loose confederation of artists based in Oakland known as Preoccupied Pipers . The Pipers are political, satyrical and often just plain silly. Even so, they've been putting out great albums since the mid 90's. In my opinion, KC's tracks are more polished and accesible than other members of the Pipers. They are tuneful, nicely arranged and adopt a beatleseque vocabulary in suprising ways.

This is my second collection of KC tracks extracted from Piper's albums. Two of the tracks were contributed directly by KC Himself (thank you KC!) You may also want to check out my first collection and don't miss KC's first solo record "Fresher Tin Villages". It is a masterpiece and KC has released it free on his Facebook page.

Be forwarned that KC's world is inhabited by strange characters behaving in suprising ways. The word play is clever. The world view is somewhat left of center. You may already live there but if not be prepared to be drawn in:

  1. Pioneer Playfaire
  2. The Dulcolax
  3. Clown Torture
  4. Sorting Out the Rules
  5. The Prom King
  6. The Lusty Horn
  7. Wo Larry 3
  8. Night-Circling Sharks
  9. Linus's Fists of Death
  10. Winter and Rough Weather
  11. Down Boy Down
  12. Reap the Plains Sown
  13. Stumblin' In
  14. Birthday Joel
  15. History One
  16. For Fear of Boring Laius
  17. Pretty Ringtime
  18. Pop Glass Ceiling
  19. Night-Circling Sharks II
  20. History Two
  21. Sense of Reason
  22. Lunkhead
  23. You Should Be Sober
  24. San Rafael in Love
  25. History Three

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