Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adam Levy and the Honeydogs

In 2013, Honeydogs front man Adam Levy demonstrated yet again why he is one of the most creative songwriters working today. His 2013 side project "And the Professors" started life as a teaching project for Levy's music production class. It features orchestra musicians in addition to traditional electric instruments.  The finished product is just as tuneful and compelling as any of the recent Honeydogs albums and that's extremely high praise. This album was one of last year's best and more than worth picking up if you haven't done so already.

In support, I pulled together a compilation of recent Adam Levy radio appearances, featuring the Honeydogs along with side project the psychedelic instrumental band "Liminal Phase".   I'm a huge supporter of Adam Levy and can only hope that he can keep up such consistently creative output with all his projects.

1 What Comes After (Honeydogs in studio)
2 Dear Prudence (Honeydogs performing Beatles cover in studio)
3 Always a Long Time (Honeydogs acoustic in studio)
4 Particles and Waves (Honeydogs acoustic in studio)
5 Broke it, Buy It (Honeydogs in studio)
6 Aubben (Honeydogs in studio)
7 Quantum Entanglement (Liminal Phase in studio)
8 I'm Looking Through You (Honeydogs performing Beatles cover in studio)
9 Death By Boredom (Honeydogs in studio)
10 Better Word (Honeydogs acoustic in studio)
11 I Dig a Pony ((Honeydogs performing Beatles cover in studio)
12 Crow Wing (Liminal Phase in studio)


Oxy said...

Very nice. Thanks!

Frank said...

This is a nice collection, really appreciate you sharing it.