Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rain Parade and Matt Piucci

Loved "3 x 4" new the Paisley Underground compilation by Yep Roc that came out on record store day last year.   It was great to hear some new Rain Parade material, even if the tunes were covers.   Wondering what a full Rain Parade album would sound like today, I created a compilation of the Rain Parade tracks from "3 x 4" and added my favorite Matt Piucci tunes from his post Rain Parade bands, The Hellenes, Boatclub and FIR.   Almost satisfied my need for a new Rain Parade album....

1 The Hellenes - Beautiful Flower
2 Rain Parade - Real World
3 Boatclub - Peace and Quiet
4 Rain Parade - When You Smile
5 The Hellenes - So Depressed
6 Rain Parade - As Real As Real
7 Boatclub - She's Giving Me a Flower
8 FIR - Winter Doesn't Care
9 Matt Piucci - Down to the Wire
10 Boatclub - Never Let You Down
11 The Hellenes - Water

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