Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Dowling Poole - Radio Tracks

Three new pop epics fighting it out for space on my "turntable" these last couple of months.  I've already talked about the great album number 4 by Mothboxer....and the new one by Linus of Hollywood is just great throughout ....but the most ambitious work of the year so far has to be the new one by The Dowling Poole entitled "Bleak Strategies".   Willie Dowling, former songwriter and lead singer for the fabulous Jackdaw4 has a new collaborative project with  singer John Poole and this one may be the most cinematic thing he's ever done.   I hear Jellyfish references, XTC references and the whole thing seems to be significant step forward from the last couple of Jackdaw4 records (which I loved).   This is surely one of the best Power Pop albums released this year and I'd love to support this great band.

I've collected some recent radio shows and YouTube postings to help me pretend that there is more than just one great album from this band.  Thanks to some of the Pledge Music pledgers for posting some of the acoustic sessions.  

1 The Sun is Mine (on Marc Riley)
2 Getting a License (on Marc Riley)
3 Saving It All For a Saturday (on Marc Riley)
4 King of Misery (Acoustic)
5 What Goes Around (Acoustic)
6 This is Your Life (Acoustic)
7 Years and Years (Acoustic)
8 Abigail's Last Hurrah (Acoustic)


Stash said...

Now that's what I call PowerPop. Glad to hear that somebody is carrying the torch. I somehow missed this in June due to traveling. Thanx.

Shriner said...

And thanks for the heads-up on a new Linus of Hollywood!

sitarswami said...

Two more bonus tracks.

ehprh12 said...

Can Someone please re-up the The Two more bonus tracks. Link broken. Looking for the NON-ALBUM track "White Light". Thanks for the help.