Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cliff Hillis - The Song Machine Companion

One of my favorite albums this year is a few tracks short.  The Song Machine EP by Cliff Hillis has been playing in my house, in my car and and in my head for the last few months.   It's a great piece with catchy tracks that flow into one another, each one building on the last. A great one by Cliff, one of the most consistent talents in Power Pop.  

I've included a "recipe" to stretch Cliff's latest EP into a proper LP by adding some demo and commercial tracks he published on his SoundCloud page

The recipe works this way. Please go out and purchase Cliff's Song Machine EP.  Then support Andrew Curry's excellent tribute project "Here Comes The Reign Again" by purchasing Cliff's cover of the Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good", surely a highlight of that great compilation. (Hell, you really can't miss by getting all the tracks!) Finally at the end, add the new tracks in this compilation.   These are the tracks that Cliff has published since my last demo compilation and as usual they are of consistently great quality.


Oxy said...

Sweet! Cliff Hillis is such a talent and so criminally overlooked. Hopefully, this will bring more people into the fold. My thanks for another great post!

Shriner said...

Ah, the awesome "Honey Badger Christmas" finally makes it's appearance! ;-)

Haper said...

Yes finally "Honey Badger Christmas"! Tis the season... Thanks!